Feature requests & features to come in summary overview

Dear Mylio,

I know this is a tricky one to ask as you never know how development goes etc.

But could it be considered to provide a summary overview, besides the Feature Request forum category of what features you are actually considering in the pipeline and which ones are being worked on?
Over time some feature requests are disappearing in the forum or there is no short overview.

Maybe a feature pipeline/request overview would be nice (without confirmed delivery dates) and it might also allow us to vote so it can maybe help you as well to prioritize? (maybe)

I know, never ask a customer what he wants as they don’t know and never make promises :slight_smile: but it would give us a bit of viw what to still raise and what not :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering.


Yes, a road map and some sort of structured feedback from users would be great!

Hi all,

Thanks for this request. I totally understand wanting to see what is in the pipeline - in fact, it makes me feel free great knowing that this is something you care about.

This isn’t something I’m currently looking at implementing too formally, but I’d love to leverage the forum here for upvotes/downvotes and possibly some tags to let everyone know if a feature is being considered or not.

I’ll look into setting something like that up with the folks from our support team.


that would already be great i think as we would know if the items in the forum are considered