Feautre request: Carry and backup not supported photo files

It would be nice, if Mylio would carry not supported photo files (e.g. EasyHDR project, Affinity Photo project, other rarely used formats like OpenEXR) during file operations.
It is not needed to have a preview, but I store these files in the same folders as the source files (managed by Mylio), so it would be great to benefit from the Mylio backup features also for these files.

Another useful option would be to have a JPG or TIFF file as a preview (if one was created).

This should be configured with a user defined list in the settings as there are way too many programs to have a complete list.


I strongly second the request for syncing of currently not supported image files, in particular Affinity photo files. I suggested an option for user-defined extensions to be included in the sync to Mylio Support. Supporting Afffinity Photo files with a thumbnail display, would be even nicer.