Filename annotation not visible for all files in a folder

Not all files have the filenames visible as annotation. My grid view is “fluid”. Some files does not show the filename as annotation while others does. You know why?

Do they show if you zoom the grid to make the images bigger, but showing fewer images?

Do you mean the Title annotation? I don’t think there’s actually a “Filename” annotation, but the Title annotation will show the filename if the Title field is blank. This might account for some inconsistency in your views.

Otherwise, it’s most likely grid size. The “Fluid” grid style doesn’t seem to work consistently (sometimes narrower photos will display Title, but wider ones will not). “Square” and 'Tile" grid styles seem to work more consistently, based on grid size.

Yes, I meant the title annotation:) But shouldn`t the fluid grid style work the way that all titles or filenames are visible for all photos? Is this a bug?

I think it’s too neat to be a bug, possibly a feature to prevent showing too much text or overflow on the photos when they are small in the grid.

That is not to say that I disagree with your point. I think we should have at least the option to always display them. When I import Google Photos creations, half the time the timestamps are off and I have to match it by the file name. It’s easier doing it on the grid than the info panel and I have to change the grid size back and forth to view more photos vs match file names.

Exactly. Right now it seems not to be consistent. My experience is that one photo can have the title/filename annotation visible and the next of same size in the grid is not visible with annotation.

I think there’s clearly a (minor) bug here. As I said above, the Fluid style seems inconsistent on rendering the Title annotation - sometimes it’s missing on photos with plenty of room, even though it appears (truncated) on even smaller photos. Likely an issue with how it calculates available cell-size space, as it re-sizes the thumbnails to make each row exactly the same width.