Files unprotected after setting up new vault


I have just added a new PC to Mylio, and setting up as a new vault (I already have a vault connected to a NAS). Everything synced well, except 7 photos, marked as “unprotected”. When I select them, I can see that they are fine on the original vaults (original is there), the new PC has thumbnails & previews and “wants” the originals (marked in orange), they are all connected on the network… but the originals are not transferred. This is really odd.

The tray icon says that Mylio is syncing, as does the top vault icon in Mylio. However there is no activity in the sync panel.

I have gone through troubleshooting instructions here, here and there.

Any ideas?


OK I have fixed the issue. On the old PC, I saw these messages in the console (repeated for each of the unprotected files):

2020/11/02 22:52:56.866 574 Error - s: D:17<-14 H:17<-14 I:424838.2 IMG_2159.JPG (NonRAW) - JPG Could not open filestream for C:\Users\Remi\Mylio\Téléphones\iPhone 5\IMG_2159.JPG
2020/11/02 22:52:56.866 574 AddFileItemError - clientDevice: 17,  serverDevice: 14,  clientHost: 17,  serverHost: 14,  mediaIdInClientHostCatalog: 424838,  mf: 2,  isClientSide: 0,  position: 6,  error: Could not open filestream for C:\Users\Remi\Mylio\Téléphones\iPhone 5\IMG_2159.JPG,  sendErrorReply: 1,  fileNeedsUpdating: 1,  source: MYFileServer::readFileBlocks::<lambda_7551142df7149ba60006b1f3ab4fbb23>::operator () (MYFileServer.cpp:2103)
2020/11/02 22:52:56.866 574 OpenFileStreamError - file: C:\Users\Remi\Mylio\Téléphones\iPhone 5\IMG_2159.JPG,  mode: rb,  initialOffset: 0,  sharedwrite: 0,  exclusive: 0,  err: 2

I displayed all unprotected files, right-clicked on one, Show in --> Explorer, it would suggest two locations: the old PC, and my NAS. The files were missing on the old PC, but were on the NAS. Somehow, Mylio thought the file was on the old PC, but it wasn’t, and wouldn’t copy the files across from the NAS. Weird behaviour.

I copied the files individually and this is now fixed, although it does look like a bug!