Filter by Root Album

Is there a way to filter or search for images that all belong to a root Album - if you have a lot of albums nested inside each other and want to find all the images from all the albums inside that base album?

You can do:

Album: AlbumName

You can use this as either a search or custom filter. If you are on the “All Photos” view, you can view all of the individual media that is inside of AlbumName, including those contained within sub-Albums.

How deep (in nesting) does this approach go? I only get about 4,000 photos with this search. I realized I could also search for portion of a keyword and the keywords contain the root level Album in it, and that approach got me closer to 11,000. The album shows 15,000 but I know there’s some duplicates in multiple albums within.
But it would be cool to not search by keyword in case I forgot to add it.

It should return all media in the album no matter how deeply nested they are (@Mylio_Deon can correct me if I’m wrong on this).

If you add the same photo to multiple albums, the photo is not duplicated in Mylio, and therefore will only be returned once in the search results. The album cover will display the total number of media including the duplicates. Two sub-albums could each have 10 photos, so the parent album displays a total of 20. But if they are the same 10 photos, you’ll only get those 10 in your search results.

I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you’re seeing something different on your end.

I’ve had issues with filtering in deep nested albums and folders in Album View or Folder view when filtering by rating or label (they only go one or two deep). This filter for the “root album” is in All Photos View.

I’m pretty sure 4,000 is no where near close enough to the right number, and that was validated by my keyword search. It shows about 15,000 in the album cover, so 11,000 is plausible, but I definitely don’t have enough duplicates for 4,000 to make sense, so I’m inclined to think it’s not going deep enough.