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I was thrilled to find Mylio as I’ve been considering building a very similar platform. I’ll be importing 20 years of images and there’s a strong chance that I have Duplicates back-ups. Is there any chance that an image de-duper is on the release schedule? If not, it would be very helpful for image organizers. Great work so far!

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Probably the #1 most requested feature. Mylio have stated it’s in development, but no timeline commitment as of yet. Some threads here for your reading pleasure:

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Thanks for the quick reply! I’m glad to hear that others have a similar need. Hopefully it comes along smoothly.

I can confirm this feature is in day-to-day active development. (It’s months away, not years).

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Awesome! That is great news!

Knowing ‘release speak’ after a few decades of software update watching, when it’s March and I read ‘months away, not years’ my over/under bet goes straight to 12/31/2021! Color me skeptical. :wink:

Great input. Let’s hope you’re wrong on this one though! :crossed_fingers:

I could be wrong, but let me add this. I’ve been using Mylio, on and mostly off, since v1. I keep coming back, free version now, to see how ‘development’ has progressed. It was less than optimal in my previous experiences…think “sync”, vaults, DUPLICATES, etc. Apple still has Photos :face_vomiting:, Adobe will charge you an arm and a leg for their product (Lightroom)…so I keep watching Mylio for it’s Library function. On this return, I was Surprised to find they now have a Community Forum. Progress, maybe. But importing my photos this time, years later, and I still end up with mucho duplicates. So, I turn to the Community Forum. Surprise, the search indicates 50+ threads on the topic (actually there are 96 when I counted). The Forum is 1 year old and there are this many threads on duplicates and what was one of the recent features released…OCR. And the reply above was…Months not Years. Really!

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We are working on dedup every day. It will be great, but we want to get it right.

It will probably ship in two stages with the first stage late this spring, we hope.


Completly agree, Mylio concept is fantastic but the way it is at the moment is putting me off from using it :frowning:
I used VisiPics to deduplicate my photos but it crashes on RAW images. Software is great but no longer supported and one man have done it himself.

Great to hear, Mylio folks!
I also use Visipics so far.
Interestingly, there’s one category of duplicates that many software have trouble detecting: when transferring photos from a phone with Photosync, some WhatsApp photos are also transferred. When it’s photos I have sent to people, then these WhatsApp photos are duplicates of those in the camera roll, but in lower resolution and quality. These are rarely detected by duplicate detectors unfortunately. Hopefully Mylio’s will be able to address this kind of issues :slight_smile:

Well I guess that ‘deadline’ for this feature was missed again. SO FRUSTRATING after all these YEARS!

Being tested. Definitely enroute.

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Well I guess that ‘deadline’ for this feature was missed again. SO FRUSTRATING after all these YEARS!

@Mylio_David ,
while perfectly understanding that software development is complex, can you share an updated ESTIMATED timeline for this feature?

Thank you for your feedback on this.

Originally I was going to say “August”. Now I think it could be August and it could be September. Remember, though, it might not be as bad as remodelling, but it is software.

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Thank you for sharing a timeline - I will expect it until the end of the year :smile: As you said - it is software.

Hi @Mylio_David,

can you share an update on the timeline for this feature?
thanks in advance.

First quarter.

After so many shifts of the timeline, although quite late, I hope this forecast to be solid, this function is really the big one missing in Mylio for so many years.

You were too optimistic !