Find duplicates and similar photos

I know people have asked for this. I really hope you do something about this. Often I have asked myself:
Haven`t I seen this photo somewhere else in my database? The problem can be that many of us have several copies of the same photo. But perhaps a duplicate-finder will not find those if one or more of them have changed metadata? Is it possible to not just make a duplicate-finder in Mylio, but also a tool that can analyze pixel by pixel to find photos of the exact same things, even though the filename or other metadata has changed?


Is high on our list :slight_smile:


Part of the beauty of Mylio is that it lives in a native file structure. You can download Photosweeper X in a Mac and search for dupes based on pixels. #ProblemSolved

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I also use Photosweeper on the Mac, but wish it had access to the Mylio API to remove files the way it does for Photos, Lightroom, and Capture One. This would insure Mylio could clean up all the various supporting files like xmp, display, and the live image bundle and any others Mylio uses.

I have found Photosweeper’s approach to be very helpful, especially the rapid way I can choose rules to select which versions are candidates to remove and then review and tweak the list before deleting. Comparing one list or two, using bitmaps or histograms for comparison are features I use a lot when trying to clean up years of files.

However, Mylio really needs a solution that works across all it’s supported devices since import can be done on any of them.

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Does Photosweeper work on windows?

Unfortunately it does not. However, we have heard from users who’d had good success using VisiPics


I really need this, so much wasted space I wish I could free up but don’t have the time to manually match things up.

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I hear you. Depending on how you have Mylio set up, you could run a third party deduplication tool outside of Mylio and have all the changes reflected. Let me know if you’d like some suggestions on how to do that.

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Hi … I would interested in a procedure I can use to cleanup the dups in my database.