Finding photos with Mylio: When, Where, Who, How and What

One of the things I personally love about Mylio is how it helps me find a photo in many different ways. Some of it is automatic, and some of it requires more manual organization and planning, I use this little guide to help me find what I’m looking for in my ever growing library:

When - use the calendar and event features to find photos based on when they were taken. If you remember the day, month, year or even the decade a photo was taken you can often navigate to it through the calendar. Linking an online calendar is helpful here if you mark important events like birthdays, anniversaries or trips in your calendar, as Mylio will automatically create and highlight those events for you. You can also manually add events.

Who - Face recognition is one of the features of Mylio I personally find very addictive. The more faces you confirm, the better it gets at finding more photos. Go to the People View and alphabetically search for the person who’s photo you’re trying to find, or use a filter to show only photos with that person in any view.

Where - Sometimes we don’t remember when a photo was taken, but we remember where it was taken. This is where the Map view comes in handy. You can even type an address or landmark and have the Map zoomed into that area. Of course, only photos that are geotagged will show on the Map. I’ve gotten into the habit of adding geotags to all my photos using Mylio. For example, when I go diving to take underwater photos, I take a photo from shore or from the boat using my phone, then I simply copy and paste the coordinates from that photo to all photos taken during that dive using Mylio.

How - This one is less obvious, but you can use Mylio to help you find photos based on How they were taken. Specifically, what camera, lens or combination you used. You can access this readily from the Dashboard or use Search Modifiers to look for specific camera models. For those of you that remember using a Blackberry phone, see what photos taken with those devices are in your library :grinning:.

What - Searching based on “what” often requires that photos have been tagged with keywords or organized into categories. In my case, I tend to add keywords for specific marine life I photograph, so I can easily search for “turtle” or “shark” and Mylio returns all photos with that keyword. If you don’t use a modifier in your search, Mylio will also return folders, albums or photos names, - or any other metadata - containing that search term. So even if you haven’t specifically tagged your photos with keywords, it is worth trying to search for them. You’ll often be surprised at what Mylio finds for you. What is also handy if you have categories or events. If I’m looking for “Travel” for or “Underwater” photos, I often start with a Category filter to narrow down my search.

Hope this is helpful - feel free to message me if you have questions about how to find your photos in your Mylio library.



Interesting! I have started creating folders based on events and then create events after that. Really nice! Will it be possible to search based on the description made in the events?

Another thing: The maps in mylio have little details for areas outside big cities. Do you have plans for the map function in Mylio? Can it be possible to use coordinates from an other app and paste into Mylio? How?

When it comes to keywords, I wonder if I shall use flat keywords or hierchical keywords. I know Mylio doesn`t support the last, but if I use an application for that, how will that be visible in Mylio?

Good questions. I do not believe a flat search looks for info inside an Event’s description currently. I will bring this up with the db team.

You can definitely copy and paste coordinates from other apps into Mylio. I do this often. Simply copy the coordinates and paste them into the “GPS Coordinates” Section in the info panel right below the Map in the “Places” pane:

You can do this with a single photo or with multiple files.

Keywords in Mylio will just show separated by commas. You might consider using Categories for the broad groups. For example, I have an Underwater Category and then use keywords like turtles or sharks.

Currently we don’t have a way to search for the description fields in events. I will add that.

Until then, I can give you a command line way to list the names & dates of events with certain keywords in the description field if you’re interested? Let me know.

Very good! Yes, it would be nice with this command line:) Could this description field be added to a slideshow?

Do you have an app you recommend for copy of coordinates? I tried an app but got a error message in Mylio when I tried to paste. Perhaps wrong coordinate system? (UTM). Sorry to say, but the map in Mylio has far too little details in areas outside big cities. If I found an app to copy from or perhaps an app that could geotag for me? And Mylio would see it?

I’ve only used Google Maps for finding specific coordinates. Simply zoom into the area you want, click and hold to place a “pin” and you’ll get a small pop-up window with info, including coordinates. You can right-click the coordinates to “copy”, then paste into the coordinates field in Mylio.

Ok, the following will show all events with the word dog in the description. Modify for what you need:

select datetime(StartDateTime/1000, ‘unixepoch’, ‘localtime’), name from event where caption like ‘%dog%’

NOTE: If you copy/paste this from a browser, it will replace the single quotes with slanted quotes. Please change them back inside Mylio.

Hello again. I have tried Google maps a little bit, but it is very little detailed in areas outside cities og big places. Do you have other map-programs you could recommend to copy coordinates from that are more detailed? Or perhaps use an other app to geotag? Is it a certain coordinate-system Mylio supports? I tried to paste UTM-coordinates but that didn`t seem to work?

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t really know of any other free apps that will provide the level of detail you seek. I did ask about the supported coordinate formats, here’s that info:
Mylio uses Latitude, Longitude. It does not support UTM coordinates.
Some supported formatting includes:

Degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS): 41°24’12.2"N 2°10’26.5"E
Degrees and decimal minutes (DMM): 41 24.2028, 2 10.4418
Decimal degrees (DD): 41.40338, 2.17403

@ flindland. Not quite sure I understand what you want. But has good mapping. It’s open source. Usually easier to use decimal degrees, although DMS is more common, but hard to work with.