Folder and events

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years maintaining a certain folder structure (YYYY/MM/DD) until one day I realized I’m getting zero benefit from it. It offends my OCD nature but in reality, it’s just easier not to care. What am I missing?

Similarly, I used to spend a lot of time creating events until I realized that the constraint of contiguous time and the lack of top-level search/filtering just makes events limited albums. Again, what am I missing?

Maybe my use cases are simpler than others but I thought I was keeping a pretty high bar on staying organized but folders and events seem like a lot of hassle for not much in return.

I personally have been using a folder structure of YYYY/YYYY_MM_DD for years.
Before Mylio, on special days an “Event_name” might be appended to the folders.
After reading much about DAMs and coming through other DAMs forum I recently started renaming my folder structure, so that the places and the events are also included, if they are meaningful.
Mylio moved photos to another level, where “Camera/Source” is a new upper level.
New structure is “Camera/Source”/YYYY/YYYY_MM_DD_“Place”_“Event”.

It has been proven to me, that having a good folder structure is very important, even if you have good software for finding photos otherwise. I can help, if you have to change the software after many years of use.

At the moment I don’t really use the events feature. I don’t really like features, that lock you in into a special software (only stored in the database, not contained in the photos itself (or sidecars)). But I might use it someday.

I am not a professional photographer. Most of my photos are from family events and travels.


@jsrowe Not sure if you are aware, but we updated this feature a bit last year. Events don’t have to just be contiguous time spans anymore. You can alternatively turn any existing folder into an event, and you can also apply a filter in there that will restrict the photos in the event to just those in the folder that match the filter.

Take a look at the “Creating Events from Folder View” tab in the following page:

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Thanks @Mylio_Deon I was NOT aware of that. Seems like good progress on enhancing the events functionality. After reading that article, it seems incompatible with the way I assume most people use folders (and hence part 1 of my original question). Let me explain my common use case.

There are four of us in the family. If any of the two are in different places taking pictures at the same time, and we wish to make an event out of one or more (but not all) of the cameras involved, I don’t see how to do that. If I take one kid to a hockey tournament and my wife takes our other kid to a football game, we have two overlapping events. The folder and calendar views will not help us and hence, they feel more like an album, which I think of as a random bag of photos.

Ideally, for my purposes, it would be cool to see the start and end dates of photos in an “album” on calendar view the way events are depicted today.


Thanks for the response. How do you keep this structure? I have a few challenges. First, I seem unable to avoid getting folders with names like “Justin’s iPhone Library” when importing from my phone. Second, I have three other members of the family and when they import, they don’t have to adhere tot he folder structure in place. If there is a way to enforce this for the whole library, that would be a great feature.

It takes some manual work for the new photos, but not that much.
It surely makes it easier, that I am mostly the only photograph.
I import the photos from my phone (Android) over the Mylio App. This puts them in a folder for my phone, not sorted.
I import the photos from my main camera with the Mylio desktop app (Windows), which puts them in the root folder I want, naming convention with the dates. These are the photos which are sorted.

If you use mostly your phones, you can also create a separate root folder for each phone and import the photos there. You can either sort them to folder by date in the desktop app at import or afterwards.
This way you should be able to see a separate folder for every event.
If there should be two events on a day, it is easier to sort the photos by date and move them to another folder. You can do all this in the Mylio app and synchronize it with all your devices automatically.
In the calendar view of Mylio you will see all photos taken on a day, but having them in different folders makes your life easier in the future.

I am keeping the folder structure of one folder per day since over 10 years, when I got my first digital camera. It seemed to me logical for my technically oriented mind and has turned useful over the years.
Now I am at renaming the folder inside Mylio to mark the location of the photos and also the event. In this turn, I am sometimes also splitting the folders.
Once keywording will get easier inside Mylio, this will make my work there easier too.

Hi All, Just my 2cents on this. Im with @jsrowe on this. Making a workflow more manual work intensive should not be the outcome of specific Mylio-specific features like Events. Otherwise ou can just as well use Albums.
I regret that the Event overview has disappeared for quite some time (like an Album view)
Allocating media to Events just as you can with Albums, in addition to a time range would be great. Of course you can then start to wonder why even bother about Events and show Albums on the calendar instead.
Looks to me a hesitation between Event and Albums. Where to go?!

Anything Mylio can advice on direction where Events are heading vs Albums, please? Events also current not stored in the xml to my understanding so it keeps it more proprietary.

If all your folders are essentially “ymd” folders you can have Mylio create them for you more or less automatically. I use folders for trips and events and in that context find them tremendously useful. You could combine the two structures by having ymd at the “top” and then having folders for each event or trip.

There is overlap between events and folders. Today an event can be a date range or it can be a folder. If you had folders for an event or a trip, then you can convert it into an event with the “flip of a switch”.

Events have two really big benefits. First they position sets of pictures in the context of your “life calendar”. In my case, the pictures from my first trip to Africa are all in a folder, but because I have a lot of folders, sometimes it is hard to get there quickly. With the calendar I can quickly zoom in on the year 2001 and find that trip. The second benefit is that calendar searches stay within the calendar context so finding things that way is really fast.

We know that eventually we have to allow albums to appear in the calendar just like folders do. That said, creating “event albums” is similar to creating “event folders”, but folders are visible outside Mylio, which is a real benefit.

Folders solve exactly the problem of two people taking pictures at two events at the same time. The pictures from the hockey tournament go into one folder and the pictures from the football tournament go into another folder. Since the pictures are taken on different cameras or phones – by definition since they are taken at different places – it is easy to send them to the right separate folder on import. Later when the folder “becomes an event” the event for the football tournament will have only those pictures and the pictures from the hockey game will have only hockey picture, in the calendar, with the two event names showing up next to each other. There are other ways this problem could be solved, but the folder solution is particularly elegant.

The same problem could be solved with albums and one day we will make that possible, but it will actually be more, not less work. You will be separating pictures after the fact to get them into the right album . . .We could also look at solutions that involve filtering on camera or phone.

Not to be dense but I don’t think this matches my workflow and I don’t understand this statement:

You could combine the two structures by having ymd at the “top” and then having folders for each event or trip.

If my wife and I take photos all month and then import, there’s no one folder for a three day hockey tournament under a yyyy/mm/dd or even possibly a yyyy/mm folder structure.

Are you suggesting that I selectively import the hockey tournament and other possible “events” so I can control the folder they land in?

Just to clarify, I don’t have “day level” folders, just yyyy/mm.

For the “New” photos I would use separate top level folders for each phone/camera. Here you have to be careful choosing the right folder. This way you can easily separate the events, if you and your wife were on different ones.
This I would split into daily folders. This can be done by Mylio automatically at import or via “organize folders” afterwards.

Like this:

Alternatively you can use the import camera roll on your phone.

In the Calendar view you Will always see every photo of the day.

In the next step I would create another top level folder like “organized photos”. This can have your yyyy/mm folder structure, but inside the month a folder for each event. You might use subfolders inside, too.
You should use the move photos feature to move the photos from the import folders to these ones and create events.

Remember: a folders is there to serve you and to keep your photos in a long term organized structure.

Update: Just figured out I contradicted myself.
Import doesn’t matter. Can be anywhere. Once moved to event folder via calendar view or any other way I don’t need to reorganize and may (or may not) rename per folder.

Hi @Mylio_David, thanks for elaborating on the folder approach. For decades I’ve been using YMD down to picture level as the DAMs were difficult tom name “moving to folder x” etc.
Still the import cant be directly directed always to the right folder unless I import again few pictures at a time and I woud have to view the pictures to know which ones to import (can only select folders not images)
Also renames etc are not always applied when importing to Mylio eg when someone woudl drag or when importing from Phone etc. SO I end up always having to rename and reorganise the folders and pictures.

While i see what you mean in the benefit of folders and having the folders as events and having a combination of both, Im not sure that the rename or re-organize of media in the folders would work well today, but can be wrong here. Eg If i have Year-month as top level folders with below an event-folder structure, im not sure how easily Mylio would be able to rename/resort media within those folders or without destructing the other folders again. Unless if im not mistaken I woud start to rename the files folder by folder and only after i have put them into the right folders manually.

Any thought on that or best practices how this could be addressed?

Im not against considering reshuffling 250K media around to different folders etc if it improves the workflow, but am a bit worried for (future) renames etc.(although it may take ages to get this implemented :slight_smile: )

Please note we are with 5 users, laptops, phones and different cameras and at the end we want to get them into 1 single structure, and not everyone imports at the same time (and way).

ps: would still be nice to also have the Event view again (back) to view them by category, still missing that :cry:


I am having a little trouble parsing what you are writing. There are several threads mixed in here.

First: what the ideal strategy “should be”. I really like organizing folders by event. My top-level folders are categories like “Trips”, “Family”, etc. I can also imagine folders for events and then the top-level folders are either “Year” or “YearMonth”. In that case, I would use the start date of an even to decide which top-level folder to put the event folder in.

So, for example, if I go to Mexico for Christmas, the event will likely span something like December 20. 2019 à January 5, 2020.

So, I would have a folder named “Mexico” or “Cabo San Lucas”. I add the start date to my folder name.

So, it could look like this:

     2018 Pictures
     2019 Pictures
            December 2019 Pictures
                           Cabo San Lucas Trip, December 2019

So, here is a nice thing about the calendar and events. No matter what folder structure you pick the “real folders”, at the bottom, will get buried in the tree of folders. Even if you are super organized and work hard to maintain your folders, finding the bottom folder you want can be hard. If that folder also appears as an event in the calendar somehow it’s both easy and natural. That’s a main reason I like the bottom folders to be associated with events more than just a date.

A next question is how do you get there, both on an ongoing basis, and from where you are. When I am importing from an SD card, Mylio makes it easy for me to create and name the folder at the time of import. In the case of the camera roll, I have to move sets of pictures to the right folders and it is kind of tedious.

Migrating your existing folder structure, if you want to end up here is more work. Here is another nice thing: if you rename a folder, particularly if you do the rename in Mylio, Mylio still keeps up with the pictures. Same with moving a folder. So, you can work on your folder structure and everything will keep working while you do so.

Does this make sense?


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Hi @Mylio_David,
Yes thank you, thats what i realized after writing and tried to put in the update.
But was late, :slight_smile: probably didn t explain/update very well.

I can just import to a separate “staging” folder, work with it from within Mylio and then start moving them to the target forlders in no-matter what for structure.

THanks again.

My folder structure today is a top folder - “My pictures” and under there one folder for each year and under there one folder for each month. But the month-folders are named “January” “February” and so on.

I have been thinking a lot lately how my folder structure should be. People like it and do it in different ways. But I have been wondering: What is smart to do? If I use several applications in my workflow or if I move to other applications in the future, my theory is that a good folder structure will help a lot.

I would like to have som advice here, but my idea is this:

I keep my top level folder. I also keep a folder for each year. But my idea is to rename the month folders like this:


This structure doesn`t have a folder for each day. But the day is present in the month-folder shown above.

This will obviously be quite a bit of work. But it will be easier to stay organized across several applications, it will be easy to create events, it sorts fine in the filesystem and more. Right?

A question when doing like this is what I will do with photos within a month that are not part of an event? Should the month-folders have names like 2020-06 and under there YYYY-MM-DD-Event?

I really like to hear some experience and advice:) Thanks!

My honest advice is simply to STOP worrying about folders at all. When using a database catalog like Mylio, it literally does not matter where your images are stored. Folders are one of the worst possible organization tools, since an image can only physically exist in one folder at a time. A database catalog offers so many more flexible & simple ways to organize them.

Just import your photos using some basic, standardized method. I just use Year & Date (eg, \Photos\2020\2020-06-06). I don’t worry about events or anything else at this point. Do your organizing later using Events, Keywords, Albums, Categories, etc. If you’re worried about interop with other applications then I would stick with Keywords, Title, and Caption. Those tend to be portable between most photo applications via XMP metadata.

I use a similar folder structure since years and it is working great.
For a date having no event leave it simply empty.

If the dates of the files are correct, Mylio can also help you reorganize them to a simple year/date structure. Then you will only have to care about event names where it makes more sense.

Doing file operations inside Mylio is fine until you don’t have external files ín your folder (e.g. raw developer sidecar files)

I use DxO to develop my raw-files. Should I use Imatch to reorganize the folders that contains sidecar-files? Doesn`t Mylio handle to keep the raw-file and sidecar-file together?

I also use DxO. You have to have the “Save settings in sidecar file (.dop) automatically” activated inside Photolab, otherwise the database won’t get the information where the files were moved.

You can use IMatch to reorganize your files, too. In this case you have to switch off “Setting - Source folders - Safe delete on Vaults” otherwise Mylio might start to reconstruct your files and you would have duplicates.

Mylio only keeps the raw and the xmp sidecar file together. I have a feature request running for doing this also to other sidecar or buddy files.