Folder filter and folder search

I have tried to search for a specific text in folders. For example: find all folders that contains text “Norway”. I searched like this: folder: Norway. It does not work. I tried in folders view, all photos and calendar view.

I have seen in other applications a folder filter and a folder search. When using the filter, and filtering “Norway”, it will list just the folders that contain that text. Could this be something to implement in Mylio? This could be extra useful if there was a folder sidebar. Then I could easily filter for folders with the text I wanted to search for.

Hello, have you tried folder:"Norway" as your search query?
Trying something similar worked for me in any view, when the search results show up I can click on the small “folders” icon just under the search bar.

The next release of Mylio in about a week or so has a Folder option added to the Filter bar, but for now you can just use folder:"Name" inside the Custom part of the filter.

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Good! I tried now in the custom part of the filter, but it didn`t work. Does it matter if it contains, starts with or ends with the text I search for?

That could get technical… what is the exact folder name you’re searching for? (Send it as a direct message if you want, by clicking on my name, then click on Message).

Sorry that I couldn`t answer you yesterday. I will try when I get more time. I hope this new folder filter can search for folder names that contains specific text, begins with or ends with…