Folder view - tree structure

I like the folder view Mylio has now. But could it also be possible to give us an alternative look, for example a kind of tree-structure. For example click on a year and then be able so see which folders that are inside each month?


I have also found the need to view as a tree structure very limiting. This need to align a structure to my photos come from years of using Aperture. I had my folders by year/month/event. This structure is definitely a requirement for me.

Maybe it’s just old habits, but I agree.
I think the tree-view could be available in any of the views with a hierarchy.
Calendar - Year / Month / Day
Map - Country / State / City (like the Map tab in Map view)
People - Last / First Name
Albums - Album / Sub-Album / Sub-Album (built automatically by metadata Keywords)


Agreed. The folder view is time consuming to navigated as I have several frequently used folders that are multiple layers down.
A Nested tree or favourites would both help