Forum update: 2/11/19

Thank you all so much for joining the forum. In just two short weeks, we have gained almost 300 users and the forum has already been filled with posts from you all ranging from Feature Requests, how-to questions, and more. We are even more encouraged by the level of participation in the Community with users responding to help questions and sharing their workflows. We can’t wait to do more in this space.

With that said, I have a bit of an update to some things we are changing and some behaviors we would like to see in the Community.

Forum Organization and Categories
It is clear that you all are passionate about Mylio’s growth and future developments. We want to continue to encourage feature requests and general feedback about the app. Due to the large number of feature requests, we have changed the Feedback category a bit. First, Feature Requests has been moved to its own category making it easily accessible from the front page.

There are no longer sub-categories for Feedback. We will reserve this category for any feedback that is not specifically a feature request. Post here to share your thoughts on the forum, our main web site, the support site, and of course the application itself.

“Uncategorized” has been removed as a Category. This is not used widely and makes room for other categories.

Share the love
Comments on posts are great but can clog up the conversation if they are generic “I like this idea too!” responses. Instead of posting these types of comments give a post a like by clicking on the heart “<3”. This works similar to an upvote and can help the best comments and posts make it to the top of the list. Replying to posts are still allowed we just ask that you provide something a bit more substantial to the conversation.

Search before you Post
The Community Search feature is very powerful. As more and more posts are created this will be a needed tool to find the conversation you are looking for. Searching for topics related to your question or comments can help consolidate the conversation and keep admin work to a minimum. Please be mindful that duplicate topics/posts will be removed.

Thanks again from all of us here in the Mylio office!