Free up space unbearably slow on S7

When I try clean up backed-up photos using Mylio’s “free up space on this device” feature on a Samsung S7, Mylio either freezes or crashes during the process, or progress is unbelievably slow (about 15 pictures per hour - there are ~9k pictures that could be removed from the device, so it’s impossible to just wait for it to complete).

Does anybody experience similar issues on their smartphone? Maybe there is some workaround?

Would you just start removing old pictures from the device manually? Obviously, that would be a really disappointing workaround - I moved to Mylio mainly so it takes care of this backup/cleanup stuff, so I would not have to figure out manually which photos can be removed safely from my devices.


Hi there @mfrikoe - thanks for letting us know this is happening. I’m wondering if it may be possible for you to email our support team ( and let them know this is going on. They’ll request some logs after having you run the Free Up Space command for a bit and then our engineers can take a look.

I’m actively working on some design elements of that feature, so I’d love to squash any bugs along the way.

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