Freezing problem

I e got an ongoing problem. The software is constantly freezing. It goes into a “not responding” status and never comes out of it. Sometimes it does it without any action from me. If I clock on the menu to do something,it will freeze and not recover.
I’ve reinstalled several times. I’ve restarted thr account several times. I’ve used on different machines.
Mt only thinking is maybe the number of images I have. Currently 970k. But had this issue when the number was half that.

Currently trying to run a machine with following specs:

HP Z800 dual Xeon (12 cores) with 32Gbs RAM 15.5Tbs of local drive space and 8 tbs external drive space.
Windows 10 Pro

Have you contacted support? There might be too many variables to help you on here. If you go to Mylio’s help menu and select “Contact Support” that will send us logs form your system and the team can better diagnose your specific issue.

will do.


Contacted support early this morning. Waiting for a response.

They’ll reply soon - Mondays are super busy with all the requests from the weekend. Thanks for being patient.

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