Front/back photo link - genealogy

I have been using Mylio for over a year and love the features. I especially love using it for pictures I have gathered for genealogy. I came across a similar program that is tailored for genealogy work and they have a feature to connect the front & back of a photo as one file. It is shown here Linking photo fronts and backs

The beauty of the feature is being able to keep the handwritten documentation easily accessible while reviewing photos, as well as the sentimental value of a loved ones handwriting. Is this a feature that could easily be added to Mylio?


What a lovely idea :heart:

To some extent, this could be accomplished with another often-requested feature: STACKING - which Lightroom and many other apps have.

Make the front & back into a “stack” of 2 photos, represented by the “front” image, but with the other “back” image easily available by opening the stack.