General questions about syncing

I find that the sync information seems to update slowly and irregularly-- it may say everything is in sync but then moments later be active doing some syncing. Then it will say everything is in sync for a few moments, but then quickly resume actively syncing. Is this normal behavior?

Is there a way to ‘force’ a sync to occur across all available devices, instead of waiting for Mylio to decide when a sync is needed and start its syncing on its own?

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There’s a lot of variables that affect syncing, particularly early on when a new user is doing lots of large imports. What devices are available, what changes have been made, what new photos have been added or imported, changes in the file system to source folders, all these can trigger a sync.

We did a Syncing and protection webinar this past Thursday that covered a lot of this. The webinar is not posted on YouTube yet, but I’ll try to find you a link to the recording. Feel free to PM me if I forget :slight_smile:

The link to that webinar would be great @Mylio_JC-- please do send. Thank you.