Generating more Face Detection Proposals

If I go to bulk tagging on my “Untagged” folder, Mylio offers up some nice suggestions on the right where I can bulk approve/reject/ignore. I’m trying to go through ~40k photos. What I don’t understand is when these suggestions get generated and how I can manually kick this process. The suggestions aren’t perfect but if I look at individual photos, the #1 suggestion is quite good. If I could just view these in bulk, the process would be very efficient.

I have played with “proposal threshold”, “minimum batch size”, and even “Display facial features” but I haven’t noticed a difference.

Is there a way to have Mylio present the remaining photos in this way?


There are two algorithms Mylio uses for face tagging: Suggestions and Proposals.

When you preview an image and click on a face, you will see a popup menu that contains a list the top five matching people, arranged in order of confidence. When using this manual tagging method, there is no lower limit to the confidence–we’ll show people even if the confidence is effectively zero.

When you enter a Person folder and select “All” or “Proposed”, or if you enter Batch Tagging, you will see a set of faces that we automatically Propose to be a particular person. These Proposals do have a confidence threshold–we won’t automatically Propose a person to a face unless we’re around 80% confident that it is a correct match.

Because Proposals are limited to high-confidence matches and Suggestions are not, you will often find correct Suggestions in the popup menu but not see a Proposal for the face in Batch Tagging or in the Person folder view–Mylio was just not confident to automatically Propose a person to the face in these cases

Mylio updates Proposals automatically, beginning two to three minutes after the application is started. One exception is that while in Batch Tagging mode, Proposal updates are suspended in order to avoid the user interface from changing out from under the user as faces are tagged. Often, if you exit and reenter Batch Tagging after a few seconds, the batches will have been updated. In the Person folder view, Proposals are updated immediately after tagging a face, and you will see any new Proposals slide into the view.

The Proposal Threshold setting is not something we encourage users to change. However, if you choose to do so, currently a Mylio restart is required before the change takes effect (this will be fixed in a future release). Lower Proposal Threshold values equate to higher confidence required for automatic face Proposals.


@Mylio_Sam thank you for such a clear and comprehensive explanation. As your response notes, my subject (besides including a typo) was incorrect because I was talking about the proposals not the suggestions.

I changed the Proposal Threshold to 50 and immediately I was able to batch tag a massive number of the adults (my primary goal this time). Children were tricky but adjusting back to 25 or 30 was pretty effective.

One of the small things was the somewhat humorous fact that I was sitting in the Batch Tagging mode wondering why there were no background updates.

So…thank you. Perfect answer. Happy Customer.

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@jsrowe: Wow, the “proposal threshold” of 50 really works great for family members of which I have a ton of photos. While there’s a lot of other family members mixed in with them, this goes much quicker than having to manually go through every single photo. With this I was able to tag a few hundred faces in a very short amount of time whereas before I was down to not having any proposals anymore.

@Mylio_Sam If only we could now have a better idea in the “zoom to face” thumbnail on which face it is we’re tagging. I have lots of faces close together in group photos or kids hugging the parents where I simply don’t know which face Mylio is proposing me to tag right now. So to avoid tagging too many faces wrongly, I end up having to double click on photos and then ESC out again to not lose my place.
Because if I do tag a photo in single photo view, my current place in bulk tagging is lost and often things are jumbled around (which I now know is due to updated face proposals - can I turn that off or add some threshold for the update?).



Where can this “proposal threshold” setting be found? I’ve been searching for it everywhere.

It’s only available through the console and you might want to only use it if you’re comfortable with using the terminal / shell on your computer you may cause damage or unwanted results if you’re not careful what exact commands you type. While the Mylio console likely won’t cause harm to your computer itself, incorrect use might cause troubles with your database / media within Mylio.

If you wish to proceed at your own risk:

  1. click on the 3 dots menu button in the top right
  2. click on help
  3. select console
  4. In the “enter command” line, enter first:
    getPref proposalThreshold
    and hit the enter key on your keyboard to get the current value of the parameter returned.
  5. make note of the returned proposalThreshold value.
  6. To set a different value, like the 50 Jsrowe was recommending, you’d type:
    setPref proposalThreshold 0.50
    and hit the enter key on your keyboard
  7. Close and reopen Mylio per Mylio_Sam’s hint for this setting to take effect.
  8. Tag one face and wait for Mylio to update its face proposals.

To undo the change, you’d follow the above steps again (though you skip step 4+5 as this should just return the value you previously set). In step 6 enter the default value that you took note of in step 5.

Again, remember to be careful about what you type to not accidentally make any other changes.


Can I ask that if anybody uses a console setting, that you post back to the thread just saying “I’m using this”.

This gives us an indication if we notify you of changes, or if we need to make certain settings more directly accessible.

Finally, if you decide this is not for you and just want to go back, don’t just set it back to 0.2. Instead use:

resetpref propsalThreshold

This way if we decide to change the it in a future release of the product, you will pick up the new value, instead of being stuck at 0.2.

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FYI: This setting will be exposed directly in the Settings->Advanced panel in the next release. It will also take effect immediately after changing the value–no more need to restart Mylio.


Awesome! Thanks also for the hint on how to reset the console setting to default.