Generating previews on iPad after import

I switched to use my iPad as my main (and only) device when traveling and I run into an issue with long delays when generating previews after importing new images. I import directly into Mylio on my ipad so all the originals are available locally. When I open an image it presents the upscale thumbnail and then it takes quiet a bit to get to the Preview. Is there an option to show the original (jpeg) whenever it is available to speed up the culling process on the ipad after a fresh import? The current delay makes the whole thing more or less not usable productively. Thanks for any hint to improve the situation.


I have just returned from a family trip where I used an iPad Pro as my only Mylio device, and experienced the same delays using the latest version. I took to importing from my cameras last thing at night and leaving the iPad on (running on caravan power) all night so I could rate and cull early in the morning. Importing the same images to Mylio on my 2012 MacBook Air is way faster, but the iPad screen is much better. Very disappointing preview and thumbnail generation performance on the iPad.

Hi @mwe - I’m so sorry we missed this initial post and @aearenda thanks for resurrecting it.

I want to work on reproducing this. Can you tell me a bit more about your equipment and workflow? I’m guessing something like this, but wondering if you can fill in the blanks:

Take photos with a camera (JPG or RAW?) -> Import into Photos on the iPad using Photos OR import into Mylio using the camera connection kit -> Mylio generations thumbnails and previews slowly.

Is that right? Can you let me know what camera, what connection method, and your general import flow?

Much appreciated!

Hi @Mylio_Matt! For me, the photos are all Panasonic JPEG+RW2 raw pairs, from G7, G95 and TZ220 cameras. The TZ220 is the Australian version of the TZ200/202, and its raws are not recognised by the latest version of Mylio even though the other variants now are. I observed delays even when only G7 images were imported, which Mylio has recognised for longer than I have been using it.

I import images to my 2019 12" iPad Pro using Apple’s SD card adapter for USB-C, directly with Mylio (I guess that’s the camera connection kit). I import to the Inbox by content, not by folder, and usually set keywords but do not rename during the import process. Sync is turned off in Settings while travelling. The import part of the process feels slower than Lightroom for iPad (for example), but it is what happens next that is the real problem; Mylio becomes very slow indeed, so that there is no point trying to use it until it has finished doing whatever it is doing (and on an iPad, that means leaving it running occupying at least half the screen, since it cannot run in the background but can run in split screen). Sometimes it shows that it is generating thumbnails and previews, sometimes not. I would be importing 300-500 images each day, and it takes a couple of hours to process on the iPad Pro (which should beat my old MacBook Air easily at this, but doesn’t). During this period, trying to move through images shows an enlarged thumbnail, and may deliver a preview after a variable amount of time.
When it has finished this it becomes normally responsive again, I set basic metadata for them all, then work through the images culling and rating, labelling picks (some for me, some for the family) and optimising all the picks. I use the JPEGs by default, only falling back to the raw when needed (and then I hit a problem with Mylio not immediately setting the white balance to the ‘as shot’ values from the camera after selecting the raw image of a pair, rather than JPEG neutral 5000K and 0 Tint, which I have reported before). In practice, I usually use an external editor to work with the raw when I need it.

I’m happy to do further diagnostics to get this sorted.

UPDATE: Further experimentation shows that the delay only occurs when importing raw+JPEG pairs (taking about 8 seconds per image pair) - if I import the raws separately from the JPEGs (with different names), it’s much quicker.

UPDATE 2: Maybe it’s not so clearcut as that after all, and has something to do with the number of images imported.

Hi @aearenda - I’m so sorry for the delay! The holiday took me away for a bit. I appreciate you sharing this, I’m going to be looking into it with our team and I’ll let you know what I discover.

I really appreciate all the details.