GIF support for Mylio

My libray is starting to get more and more GIF’s in it. Some might be memes… Yes, don’t judge.

But also, my own images I’m creating GIF’s for as they are popular to use for social media. Mylio can display GIF’s as JPG, but can’t export them as a GIF, so from mobile devices there seems no easy way to access the GIF file to use it.

Simply, what i want to be able to do is export or share a GIF from Mylio, in it’s original format.


Also looking for gifs support in mylio!
Using mylio actively, but lack of animated gifs support makes ux flow a bit less smooth&easy as it could be.

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Ha! I came into this thread wanting to say “great idea!” Then I saw who started it. Yes, a year later, gif support would still be good for me too.

I wanted to chime in to agree that having GIFs would be a nice to have. Not sure how hard it would be to implement.