Google Drive storage (encrypted)-- same as normal vault?

I have an external drive configured as a vault. It has about 11.2G of storage on it.
I also am using Google Drive as a protection service (encrypted). On Google Drive, there is one encrypted file, should I expect it also to be 11.2G in size?

  1. there is not just one file, you should see a Google Drive folder tree under /Mylio with LOTS of encrypted files. There will be one encrypted .bin file for each of your original image files, each preview, each thumbnail, and each .XMP sidecar file.

  2. I don’t know if Mylio’s encryption algorithm does any size expansion or padding - but I’m guessing the encrypted size will be close to the original files’ size.

  3. I don’t know how Google Drive allocates space, or exactly how they count space used by your files. But I’d expect it to be at least similar in size to your local disk vault, plus or minus a bit.

Thanks @jimre you are correct there is one folder (not one file, as I mistakenly wrote).

Also I checked and the storage space occupied on Google Drive is very nearly the same size as what is on my external hard drive vault.

(As far as I know, Google makes it hard to determine the storage space each of its individual folders occupy, instead of just telling you the total amount of storage; I have to use their Backup & Sync product to be able to see individual folder sizes, which is a hassle because I don’t use it for anything else!)

So this question is answered.