Google Drive Vault

Hi, I have Google Drive Vault and it not syncing 93 images no matter what i do, same 93, there is nothing special in those 93 files and the vault is encrypted , what should i do?

Hi Ohad,

First thing I can suggest is to click on the the “Unprotected Media” showing at the top of the Devices panel. That will show you all media that is waiting to be save to a vault. Often just taking a look a the photos will offer a clue as to what the issue might be. For example, there might be in a device that’s turned off or not running Mylio in the foreground.

If that doesn’t help, please use the “Contact Mylio Support” option under the help menu. That will automatically send logs to the support team so they can better determine what the root issue might be.
Mondays are particularly busy with support tickets, so it might take a bit to get back to you, but we will help you for sure.



@Mylio_JC Again, you are the best. Thanks for the super quick answer.
The unprotected photos, and the photos that should be syncing to google is all from my computer that is a Vault too, so there is no chance this those original is missing.
I sent you an help card, tried to check up here first in order to not make your team too busy.

Hi @Ohad - just another quick note about the screenshot you posted. It looks like Google Drive, as well as the other devices on your account, are currently “offline” - so Mylio on your computer is not able to access them.

Can you try some basics like making sure that “Sync” is turned on in Mylio’s settings (three dots in the top right > Settings > SYNC). If it is on, can you please restart the computer and see if that makes a difference?

Hi @Mylio_Matt
Thanks, Restarted and checked sync (it was on).
I dont know why drive is offline in the image, but its connected and no change.

Hi @Ohad - Darn! I was hoping we could find a quick fix. As @Mylio_JC recommended, can you please follow up with our support team using the “Contact Mylio Support” option in app so we can look into this a bit more closely?

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yeah I did it @Mylio_Matt