Google Photos / duplicates question

Can Mylio remove duplicates after they are imported? I know that it catches them when copying but I am about to import all of my Google Photos and there will be hundreds of duplicates because I already imported all the photos from my phone.

At this time, Mylio only has an “exclude duplicates” feature during Copy imports. We have a more complete library deduplication tool in the works, but it is not fully developed yet. If you have a significant number of duplicates and have already imported your images into Mylio, then using a different app to remove the duplicates may be needed.

If you turn off Safe Delete (Understanding Safe Delete on Vaults - Mylio Support), then any photos removed from referenced folders in your file system will also be removed from your Mylio library. Please be sure to exclude the “Generated Images Bundle” from the dedupe software’s scan (this contains the Thumbnail and Preview versions of your photos, which would result in your entire library being flagged). If you do a search for duplicates here on the forum there are a number of users that have shared some tips for what has worked for them.