Google Photos import problems

Hi there. Brand new user here just trying to get everything imported and set up. When I try to import from Google Photos it seems I can only select Albums to import but I never used Albums in Google Photos. So my question is, how do import all of my photos from Google Photos if they are not in Albums? Thanks in advance for the help!


I’ve already been where you are now :slight_smile:
As far as I remember you need a top level album in your Google Photos library to be able to import that into Mylio using “File-Import-Online Services” route - so you’d need to create a dummy one and have all the photos moved into that album.

There is however a different method - which I would recommend for dealing with larger media collections. It revolves around using Google Takeout feature.

  1. You simply log in here →
  2. Select Google Photos from the list
  3. Specify size/format of your archive and wait for it to get created
  4. Once the prepared .zip file is downloaded from Google you can unzip it and find your pictures in a folder organization that can be brought right into Mylio via the Copy import feature or even moving them right into the Mylio Pictures folder on your computer.

That’s it :slight_smile:

In addition I would recommend making sure your photo timestamps are correct. I had some issue with that and it’s to do with the fact some photos don’t have that piece of metadata embedded directly in the files.

Google uses .json files to store that (and some other) info in those external files and from what I understand Mylio doesn’t handle that at the moment.

Easy fix is to use free tool named ExifTool to have that data “baked in” to the original image files.
Plenty of instructions available on the web, for example →

I know from Mylio support (thanks Michael :slight_smile: ) that they are working on a way to digest the Google Takeout .zip file through a new and improved import tool coming in the near future.

Hope this helps




I just discovered this tool recently. This is also a good method for leaving Google behind in general. You can export everything! It may take G a few days to make the zip file, I found.

As Piotr mentioned, Google Takeout is a great option to download everything at once. We’re even planning on releasing a tool in the near future that will allow you to import the ZIP file that Takeout creates, and Mylio will do the importing and organizing for you :slight_smile: