Gradient tool and Radial filter

A gradient tool to for example separately process the sky is missing in Mylio. There is this brush tool where I ask my self where the usage behind it is. Once applied I can not change it again (or I do not know how), and to separate the area to process if not so easy to draw. Usually a smooth gradient is needed so that the adjustment is not visible at the border.

Also a Radial filter like in Lightroom would be highly appreciated. I saw some video and it is impressive what you can do with it.

Are there any plans on the development roadmap to enhance the editing features in Mylio? I love to have all my files in one DB, thats why I selected Mylio and not Lightroom. But I come more often to a point where I would like to have more editing possibilities withing Mylio. To switch to Affinity Photo I really would like to avoid in my workflow, even a bigger step would be to switch to Lightroom.