Graduated price model

This is probably a strange feature request:

Would it be possible to introduce a graduated pricing model (plans) for Mylio:
The $99 per year is fully justified for the unlimited version, but could there be intermediate steps:
For example:
29 dollars for 50000 photos, no raw processing
49 dollars for 100000 photos, no raw processing
79 dollars for 200000 photos, with raw processing

or something like that.
Just a suggestion, maybe also interesting for other users.


Hi fishmi - thanks for the suggestion. There is a middle plan taht can only be accessed when you purchase a Seagate drive, it is call Mylio Create. When you purchase a qualified drive it comes bundle with either 1 or 3 years of Mylio Create for free, and after the free period expires, you have the choice to stay in the Create plan for a lower price than our Unlimited plan.

I fully support fishmi’s request for a graduated price model.
Seagate drives with Mylio Plan are not available in Europe! And anyway I do not wish to be forced to a given drive supplier…

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