Great to see this community!

Greetings Mylio Community. I’m Daniel J. Cox, I’ve been a professional photographer for over 40 years and about five years ago I found Mylio. I was looking for software that allowed me and others in my office access my 1.2 Million image library. To date, I’ve found nothing that comes even close to Mylio’s speed, ease of use and ability to share among many devices. I’m excited to see this new community for Mylio users. If anyone has any questions just drop me a line.


Hi Daniel. I couldn’t agree more. I am new to Mylio and really appreciate the speed, the nice and easy looks and the stability. My mind is at peace knowing all my photos and are automatically saved to multiple vaults.

Coming from Lightroom I really miss some features though. I do hope some of them will find its way into Mylio in some form soon.

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