Group Jpg + Raw: See JPG, but send Raw to external edit

Dear Mylio Community,

The grouping of RAW + JPG files works like a charm out of the box.
I would like to see the JPG files when files are grouped, but I would like to have the RAW files sent to my external editor (DXO Photolab) when clicking “open with”. Is this somehow possible?

Thanks for an answer!


Same use case here. I’ve worked with the “Open in Explorer” right-click option and then have DxO configured as the default program to open the raw files in windows …

I would also appreciate this ability… but first I must play total newbie. I had no idea mylio would do either of those things. :star_struck: How do you group RAW+JPG files? Once you do, can you access each of them?

I’ve also been using Open in Explorer (or Finder) and then opening the version I want from there. After seeing this post, I found the Photo menu has ‘Edit with Lightroom’. I would much rather ‘Edit with Photoshop’ because I’m not getting along with Lightroom very well. Is there any way to change that?

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