Headless version of Mylio for linux

It would be super cool to have a headless Linux version of Mylio, maybe with Web UI. Then you could run it in a Docker container on a NAS, or maybe even on a Raspberry PI.


It would be super cool - and it’s not completely beyond hope. We already have some of the Mylio components running inside Linux for other reasons and keep migrating more of them over time.

But I don’t think we would be able to put this into a standalone product at least within the next year.


Mylio synology / qnap / Linux edition would be pretty interesting. Let the NAS do a lot of background processes as a full Mylio node vs as a passive vault. The NAS edition doesn’t need to necessarily have full Mylio capability, it could just be a simple config interface. Call it vault+ or similar.


nice to hear that a linux-version might be released sooner or later. the idea of the headless version is great. however, i would also like to see a normal linux-version for the desktop.

Best approach would be linux-based mylio with webUI that is deployed using Docker. Then can run on syno, qnap, unraid, cloud, wherever…

I moved from synology to unraid and I created a windows VM just to run Mylio so I can have a vault on my NAS drive. My home laptop is not on all the time, so VM seemed easiest - but is a “heavy” approach!

This would be particularly helpful when you have several devices you want to backup to a Vault on a NAS.

Right now, my phone, and my spouse’s phone and computer can only backup images to the Vault on our NAS if my laptop is on and running Mylio. I’d much rather have all the devices backup directly to the NAS, since my laptop is often closed and tucked in a bag.


+1 for a linux version. A “vault+” (a headless synchronization server on a linux 24/7 system) would be a great first step.


Yes it would be nice, so i can run my mylio on a nas and let my

  • mobile devices sync when they are connected on the intranet
  • mobile devices play videos directly from my nas instead of my macbook that always must be online

Agreed, a headless Mylio Linux…for instance as a Synology NAS package would be a dream. I’d be happy if it had NO UI other than some configuration settings. A Mylio NAS Vault that is always on, synchronizing with my devices.

This would be the ultimate in local photo protection…and certainly could be considered a premium feature (I’ve had Mylio subsription since almost from when they launched).


I’ve been using Mylio for a few years, and have struggled with this for a while. I have a Synology NAS as well, and have had to have an old laptop running in the background as a primary Mylio server to keep my NAS vault up to date. I can say that having a headless client that can run ON the NAS would be amazing! I can’t tell you how many issues having such a server based approach would solve!

Is there any update on this?



Hey guys at Mylio,

please take this up on the prio list. This is super-annoying right now and it would be a blast to have a little linux-box working the vaults. We’re completely on laptops and running a big ugly desktop just to have Mylio Sync is really not an option.

Yours, ALX


It’s been a while so I’m wondering if there is any progress on this feature request?

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