Hide contents of selected Albums from showing in All Photos view

Albums are a way of showing only sets selected photos.
I think it would be a big help to have the opposite possibility: to hide the content of selected Albums in ‘All Photos’ and other views of Mylio.

I often use my iPad or mobile telephone to show photos to friends.
The Mylio catalog always shows ALL photos - sometimes it would be good, NOT to see some photos when scrolling to find a specific photo: series of dozens of similar photos from shooting a person or from HDR- and other bracketing sequences, photos showing specific events or subjects etc.

This feature request of hiding photos goes much further than my feature request from this morning for ‘stacking/grouping photos in all views’: it would allow to hide content from your screens you don’t want to show to everybody when working with your Mylio catalog.

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I’m trying to understand how this is different from “hidden photos”, another common feature request, eg: Feature Request: Hidden Photos - Feature Requests - Mylio Community.

Also I’ve never though of Albums as a way to HIDE something. Quite the opposite - Albums are a way to HIGHLIGHT or PRESENT specific photos. Are you saying you’d like the ability to somehow mark an Album as “Hidden” or “Private” - and as soon as you add a photo to this album, that photo would “disappear” from views & searches everywhere else? And viewing that Album would be the only way to see such photos?


Until such a feature exists, you might consider using some combination of Categories and Filter as a workaround (eg, create a “Private” category, enable “all categories except Private” filter when showing stuff to others).

The Hidden Photos requests seems to me as on a photo by photo basis.

My idea is as you describe it:
if the Album is marked Hidden/Private all photos added to this album would disappear from views etc., so is an easy process for sequences or series of photos.

The Album should have a switch ‘Hidden ON’ or Hidden OFF’ so that you can decide, if you only see the photos within the Hidden Album or to make all photos visible again in all views.

Thank you for your workaround idea - I haven’t thought of that and although it’s a bit more complicated it may help in some situations.
But as you say, it is a workaround and needs a filter action every time.
An Album switched ‘Hidden OFF’ would stay like that when reopening Mylio the next time.
But good idea, thanks.

If Mylio were to ever implement such a “hidden” feature - my preference would be to use Categories, not Albums. Firstly, Categories can be applied more flexibly - to individual/multiple photos, to folders, to Events, etc. Secondly, Categories would likely offer faster filtering performance - from a database perspective, it appears to be much quicker to determine a photo’s Categories than to determine a photo’s Album membership(s).


Haven’t use Categories, but having some collection of hidden photos would be nice as long as you could see them all together. Probably need a toggle to include all hidden files in whatever group (folder, album) you are looking at.

Aperture or some app I used to use had a hide tag, IIRC X was the shortcut used like a rating tag.

This would be a nice to have.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for talking about this and bringing it to my attention that it is something you’d like to see. I’m going to look into some solutions for hiding photos / photo sets and we’ll see if we can make something work for you all!

I’ll be in touch as we move forward on this.


If there is a “hidden” option you need to make sure that Mylio won’t use this hidden content as a folder cover.


Very good remark, thank you. Would it be better to have the word ‘hidden’ or a black or transparent white folder cover? I think I would vote for an indicator saying ‚hidden‘.

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I have found a way (but only if the folder is a root folder).

I have a root folder called “Exclude”, it’s in my C root directory (outside of the MyLio root folder)

Then I can toggle it out of the list by going into (3-dots) → Settings → Source Folders where I have it defined (c:\MyLio-Exclude) and there’s a quick toggle there to turn it off when I want to “hide” it.

That is a brute-force way of doing it, but I’d be wary - especially if there are lots of photos in this folder. By toggling off the “Source Folder”, I’m pretty sure you’re actually removing those images from Mylio. Those removals will then have to sync to all your devices (eg, deleting those photos from each device). Then when you re-enable it, Mylio will have to re-scan that folder, and re-import all those photos back into Mylio (and regenerate Thumbs/Previews, and then re-sync them to all your devices again). With a lot of photos, that could take hours.

Fair point, Jimre. I agree. I just have a root-level folder called “EXCLUDE” that stays within MyLio but is not something I look into all that often unless I am looking for something in there. I use it to drag stuff “not relevant but still want to keep” into that EXCLUDE folder.

For my setup, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to sync, any ios device I plug in overnight anyways so I just start up the mylio app on it before I go to bed and in the morning everything is sync’d. Same with my offsite vault, just a backup for added protection so it can take days or weeks to catch up, no big deal to me.

My main mylio host is a VM on a proxmox server that churns all day long with 8 cores allocated to it for the facial recognition and consolidation stuff. I especially like how I can take any of my devices that are in MyLio, make changes, let the changes propagate, and see progress across the entire mesh pool of devices. So sweet it is. :slight_smile:

i am also trying to “hide” some folders with pictures.

until there is a solution, i removed the selected folders from where Mylio reads its source folder, but this eliminates any chance or recalling them at any time from mylio.

hopping that a hidden folder or option will be added to Mylio soon