How do you Mylio? - My Ideal Workflow

I’ll share my own workflow to get us started!

GOAL: I’m David, and my two hobbies are ballroom dance and soccer (yes, my legs get quite a workout). My main goal is to organize my photos and videos from those events so I can look back on them myself and so I can share with friends, family, and teammates.

CONFIG: I have a Macbook Air, a Dell Desktop, a Google Pixel, a GoPro, and a 2T hard drive.

WORKFLOW: Mylio is the glue that holds my workflow together. I have it installed on my laptop, desktop, and phone so my media library is synced on all three. When I go to a ballroom dance event, for example, I always ask my coach to video my competition dances on my phone. If I make finals, my partner and I watch the videos on my laptop (since it has a bigger screen) to see if we need to fix anything. We also review these videos when we practice, and it’s nice to have the Mylio timeline of our progress. At events, I also take pictures with people from my studio at the end of the weekend. On the flight back, I use my iPad to confirm facetags, make minor edits, and star the best pictures. When I get home, I open Mylio on my desktop so I can see all those photos and videos on my big monitor. If I want to save any of the videos, I’ll plug in my external. Mylio automatically knows to store originals on my desktop and that external, which frees up space on my iPad and phone. It’s also great that Mylio organizes the footage by date and location so I can look back on it later.

For my soccer, I’m on a very competitive men’s league team. Before each game, I set up my GoPro on the sideline to video the match so we can watch later. After every game, I take the SD card and plug it into my desktop. I upload the video to our team’s youtube channel, and I also save a copy on my external until the end of the season. Speaking of the end of the season, we always get someone to take some group photos (with my phone) so we can update our Team Cowboy profile pic. I move those pictures into a Mylio folder I’ve created called “Sharktopus” (our team name) so I can see them all at once. This year was our 10th season together as a team, so I made an album of all those pictures and emailed them to the guys. Most of us have been on the team the whole time, so it was cool to see everyone grow up together over the years. Overall, Mylio makes it easy to get things done efficiently, organize my media where and how I want, and share and view them later.

One thing I’ve been doing with my Drone and GoPro videos in Mylio is using the rating system and geotags in the same manner I do with my photos. You might also want to consider adding some keywords to them, like the team name.