How is background uploading in android?

In iOS, probably because of OS limitations, to get your phone to upload photos to other vaults you have to have the app in the foreground. Does Mylio upload photos to your other vaults in the background fairly reliability on android devices, since they tend to have less limitations? Do you have to open the app once in a while, or will mylio upload the photos you take from your android phone at least once a day fairly reliably if you have a cloud drive vault or something else that is always online?

Sorry, I don’t know about Android. For iOS there is NO background syncing in Mylio, period. Unless Mylio decides to someday use Apple’s iCloud to facilitate their syncing - this will likely never happen.

There is no background syncing on Android yet either. You’ll have to open the app from time to time, and most likely keep the screen on as well.

Based on my past iOS experience, you can run in the background but only 10-30 seconds at a time but for the most part iOS decides when you can run. You can also ask iOS to upload/download files for you while the app is not running but with Mylio being peer-to-peer, that is very unlikely to work.

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Mylio does not run in the backgrround on phones or tablets; only on computers. There are two broad cases for ensuring pictures get from a phone into the rest of the Mylio world. First, if you have an “always on device” then whenever Mylio runs on the phone pictures can get to that device. A cloud vault is always on. In my case I also have four vaults that I just leave running. That way if I am using Mylio on my Android phone, pictures taken on it will get to those vaults.

If you do not have an always on machine then you need to occassionally or regularly remember to have Mylio running on your Android and on at least one other machine, preferably a vault, so the pictures can get from the phone to the rest of the world.

Hope this makes sense.

Oh in my use case I’m not really worried about my iOS or Android phone being a vault that other devices can give photos to. It’s about uploading photos that I take on my phone to other vaults, without having to open Mylio for those photos to be uploaded to an online vault, much like iCloud & Google Photos.

I already have a cloud drive vault, so having an always on vault as an upload destination isn’t an issue for me in that case, it’s having to remember to open mylio on my phone to upload the images in the first place.

There is no question that being able to run Mylio in the background on a phone or tablet would be a huge benefit. Historically it has just not been possible. We are going to re-examine this again sometime soon.