How Mylio could be a real game changer for casual users


I use Mylio for several weeks now.
First i took a deep dive into all the functionality and features. And i have to say i am impressed! This could be a real alternative to Google/Apple Photos and similar.
Great work so far!

Why “could”?

First of all the elephant in the room. It is way to expensive.
Not in a dream, could i sell this monthly fee to my Girl or any friends. Don’t misunderstand me. I would love to. But the reality is, that you pay three Euros for enough space on Apple and i think Google is even cheaper. Though i do not know for sure. And lets not forget that you get more the just picture synchronisation and cloudspace for that money with the big players.

I know, privacy and data control are the big selling points for Mylio. But lets say, i don’t think that 10 Dollar is the sweet spot.

I know you want to make money from this, and that is fine. You deserve it for this great piece of software.

Multi user
So, this is pretty close to the first but not all about the money. Netflix, Prime, Mac, Windows etc. all does it. And what i am going to say, sounds probably very familiar to you and other guys around here. I, in my relationship, do the technical work/stuff. My girl likes to use it, but only does is, if it is just working. So i make the administration. For that, multi user is pretty darn nice.

I could see an alternative for that in synching only specific folders to specific devices, but i have read here, that you don’t like this idea or don’t plan to support that.

So the last real option (besides syncing all of our files to all devices, only to then hide them with categories) is two separate Mylio Subscriptions. Back to the first point, but double now. Not gonna happen.

Hidden/locked Folders
Easy thing. Nobody likes to show all of their stuff. And my relatives/friends do not like to see all my and my girls stuff :wink:
But we want to have the ability without using a different app. Especially if we pay minimum 10 Dollar for it.
You have a guest mode. Lets have one more - f.e. Show hidden folders - protected with a password.

I know that there is the option to hide pictures/folders from calendar/maps etc. But most of the time i use my folders to find/show trips. And doing Albums for every trip is a possibility, but then again. If i or anyone goes into the folder section … he could see thing he never will forget so quickly.

Categories are another option. But same problem. Not safe at all.

NAS Support
Especially in times where SSDs are so fu**ing expensive.
And the climate debate demands shutting down devices that are not in use.
A NAS is the perfect in-between. It goes to low power by itself and is optimised to these kind of task. Mst of all, from the use and feel, it is the nearest cousin to a cloud.

I know, that developing this kind of app is no easy task. I only write all this because i love what you did so far. And i just hope to have the perfect companion with your app and give Apple and Google the finger for their cloud binding (shit) software :wink:

Thanks for reading
Have a great weekend!

Ps.: Sorry for the ‘kind of’ Clickbait-Headline

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OK you hooked me with the title. Some of my comments…

I don’t think $10 is expensive at all. The software is solid. New releases are installed instantly with no fuss and nothing broken. Best of all I like that you dont need to store anything in a cloud and more specific that you dont need an always on internet connection to sync and back up. Thats SUPER important to me living in a rural area with low internet bandwidth and data caps. Many many people have great high speed internet with huge bandwidth, but thats not all of us.

SSD vs spinning drives… I have one just one SSD and my internal drive on my iMac. All the rest of my sync devices are external spinning drives - cheap and cheerful and they are there only to provide a safeguard backup. Not everyone needs a NAS which is expensive.

Locked folders. Not Likey going to happen. If ultimate privacy is what you need, keep those in another app place. If you’re referring more to a shared subset of folders and multi-user then I agree, I think thats a major weakness to Mylio. The stated strength to have everything available all the time is also its weakness. I know my wife couldn’t care less about having all my ex-wife’s family photos on her iPhone but it’s important to me to have family photos of my kids during that time available. Some split ability is really required. Two separate Mylio subscriptions doesn’t solve the issue at all.

I’m still exploring Mylio and incorporating it into my workflow with Apple Photos and my other more powerful RAW editor, but It’s a great piece of software at a reasonable price.

my two cents…

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I’m hooked with the title, too.

While I agree that $10 is not too expensive at all, it’s the biggest hurdle for me or anyone around me to get into this software.

I shared the same feeling as aeon_g and struggled to give this great application or chance or not.

The pricing is not competitive at all when there are way cheaper alternative cloud solution (I know they cannot compare directly, but it’s how the first impression drives everyone around me). Every time I tried introduce Mylio to my friends, they’ve lost interest immediately after knowing price model. Mylio is exactly the solution they are seeking for, but the $10 price tag just scare them away.

This is pity to know, and I think Mylio can be more aggressive and there are lots of potential users around outside the fence.

As a further reply, Mylio’s new pricing structure is $4.99 a month or $4.16 if you pay by the year. Thats for the Create plan which includes 25,000 photos and access to the RAW editing features. 25,000 is a lot of photos for most users and the price is most compelling.

As far as i know, there is no way in getting the Create-Plan without buying a hard drive from Seagate. And - and this is the worst part for myself - you are limited to four devices. Which is fine for a single user, but i want to use it with my family.

Otherwise this plan would be very attractive :slight_smile:

I think you are right. There are cheaper options. And with most of them you get not only photo management. It is difficult to buy into an subscription, if you already have so many. Anything now wants you to do subscriptions.

I see the Pros. You get every update, Device- and OS-Freedom, easy try out and the devs can calculate and plan better, that brings probably more features in the best case senario.
Everybody knows the drawback though :wink:

I want to emphasise that i think this is a great alternative to the cloud stuff though.

I know what is great about Mylio and i am happy that we get an alternative to the cloud.
I do not want to say bad stuff about this. Just think, they could do better, with these mentioned features and a cheaper price :wink:

There is no way in paying that money monthly and than have to use another app, to manage my very private pictures. That would be kind of rickdiculous.
Don’t you think?