How safe is a vault?

Has the vault any advantages?
It will sync in the back some files. But how safe it is?
Lets assume there is a virus on the computer and is crypting some photos.
There are two cases - it will encode the whole file or it will leave the jpg header intact.

How robust is Mylio to recognise these changes?
Will Mylio destroy or not destroy the “backup” in the vault?

My 2 cents on this:
A single vault is never going to protect you as a backup.

If a virus, or yourself would make changes to the files in your vault, Mylio woudl detect that and ask you if you want to apply them. In case you confirm they would get replicated to the other devices/vaults that are online or once they get online.
That said, in case of other computers with vaults on your network, the virus is very likely already on your other computers already anyway. So if your drives as vaults are connected they may already be impacted anyway even without Mylio replicating anything.

In case you make a human error and delete/change a file on one instance, once Mylio is active it will as i mention prompt you if these change shoudl be applied. This on condition that “Safe delete” is turned on (I believe thats the case by default anyway). in case safe delete is off, it will replicate all identified changes anyway (as instructed by you setting safe delete off)

A vault is very useful, but you need more then 1 in my opinion. As long as one of your vaults is disconnected and only synchronised once in a while, you would be safe.

That said, best woud be three :slight_smile:
1 you are actively working on, 2nd one that’s synchronised actively or once in a while, to proof replication works. and a third one you keep offline and only connect if you are sure all changes are applied correctly and replication to the 2nd vault. Then connect the third vault and let it synchronise. Once synchronisation finished, disconnect it again for safety.

I have 4:
I’m paranoid in this :slight_smile: but the vault function works amazing for me in Mylio. I have 4 vaults just to be sure and 1 is always away from the house just in case of fire. The offline/remote vault I switch every month or so. that way i cant loose too much of media. This way you are protected against human errors (at least many of them :slight_smile: ) and many other types of issues. :slight_smile:

This would also protect you from potential sw issues (be it Mylio or OS etc) as you always have an offline full copy of your media, or at least you won’t lose all, only since last sync.

In the past i did this with other sw and by backup sw to duplicate the drives etc. had cases that the backup “could not be read” and duplicating drives was in many cases a nightmare, especially if coudl need to keep multiple drives in sync from diffferent points you left off. Mylio keeps nicely track of this automatically.

So the vault works nice, and does protect you to some extend, depending how you use the function and how many you have. But you have to have multiple vaults to protect you from most issues. As explained I would say at least 3. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

I have a couple 10TB external drives set up as Mylio vaults. One is always attached to my PC, the other in my bank safe-deposit box. I swap them every couple months. Virus can’t touch the vault stored in the bank (not to mention house fire, theft, etc). Mylio works pretty well for this - once I swap the drives, the new drive is quickly updated with the previous couple months worth of changes.


Have you tried restoring or restarting from a vault that differs from your current configuration? That is, completing the fire drill in case of failure. I’d be interested in your procedure.

Conditions I would be concerned about:

  • if the media files and/or sidecar files of your working configuration are corrupt
  • if the Mylio catalog or other support files of your working configuration are corrupt
  • information not available in your offline vault and exists only in the Mylio catalog or other support files


The elements that to my understanding would not be in that vault would be Events and Albums.
My Albums are not critical and mainly for temporary use.
For Events, my folders are events.

So even in worst case that I cant use the vault as vault again, I only need the media files and xmp files and I can drop the rest from the vault.
Once Mylio would re-import the files in the existing structure I would only have to enable each lowest folder as Event again. Files and xmp files are fine, dates are fine, folders are fine and events are then to be re-enabled inside (the new) Mylio. Only albums would be missing.

Would just take some time to re-import 250K of media files again. :slight_smile:

FYI the only thing lost in a cloud restore is folder structure as per the below article

I have gone thru a version of a “fire drill” in real life. Last year my main desktop drive array (where I keep master copies of all my photos) failed and had to be completely rebuilt/replaced. Using the vault drive that was currently in my external dock (the one that was up to date) - Mylio was able to restore all of the photos that were stored on that array.

To be clear - in this case my system drive was fine, and I was able to keep using the same instance of Mylio as before. So not a “worst case” fire drill. But I was happy to see it work as expected, to restore all the master copies of my raw files, along with their xmp sidecar files, back into their original directories on the rebuilt array.

I note that an external drive vault (but not a NAS vault) does contain a copy of the Mylio database. So presumably that could have been restored as well. Not sure I want to test that scenario with my live system, however.

Also - since that incident, I’ve signed up for Backblaze cloud backup for my entire system, not just the photos. Given the huge size of my files (nearly 10TB of photos) the time & expense to upload this much data to the cloud was previously prohibitive. Possibly the only “good” thing to come from the pandemic was internet providers like Xfinity waiving all data bandwidth caps. This allowed me a several-month window to make an initial “full system” backup to Backblaze - without running up hundreds of $$$ in Xfinity overage charges.

Mylio is copying only xmp sidecars to the vault.
This is the main reason why I consider a mylio vault in generally as usesless.

The vault can protect my data (at least some) in the case that a file is deleted by accident on a device.
But “Safe delete on Vaults” is not an option for me since I rename, move and delete frequently with other tools. Mylio is for me a only a viewer.
And it is annoying that I cannot delete these files with other tools (if safe delete is on).
And deleting a file != changing a file.

I use a vault on an external disc. But I am not sure whether it is even worth it.
Vault vs standard backup (I am using FreeFileSync).
At the moment I do not see any advantages for using the vault.

If Mylio is only copying xml files i think your sync settings of the device has been changed to thumbs only and is not a vault. All my vaults have all media files replicated in full resolution.
and change of file names and folders are all replicated as/when required. including file changes/edit of the files.
(Except to the offline vaults for protection until i decide to do so.)

I meant only xmp additional to image files.
But it does not copy *.dop files (DXO Photolab sidecars)

Mylio copies also documents like *.txt

@Holger, Ah, yes understand, indeed

In my opinion Mylio should sync ALL files from the source folders to a vault.

This is tricky for the default pictures folder (Windows).
I do not use these folders with Mylio.

But for all additional, manually added folders Mylio should do that. Or at least give us the option to do a full sync.

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I disagree. Mylio should sync all photo/video files that it KNOWS about - not just every random file. Mylio is not a general-purpose file management tool.

If you want Mylio to “know about” proprietary DXO or Capture One sidecar files - and include them their photo “bundle” - then there’s a feature request for that:

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Agree, Mylio should not just sync everything. And while it would be nice to have it sync selective set of additional files. Where would they draw the line? there are so many applications and tools, that add additional files to specific files or to a folder for all files within a folder eg. So, yep should be controlled, not just everything. Might start with a few selective ones, maybe most used. could be a poll to the user community.

Best solution would be a box in Mylio prefs, where a user can set file extensions Mylio should sync. So each user can tune this for the image editors he uses.

Second best solution would be, if Mylio would sync the proprietary side car files of the most popular image editors like DXO, Capture One, On1 and a few others. With 10 additional file types you probaly cover 99,9 % of the available image editors, so a small job for the Mylio developers to implement.

Third best would be to sync everything.

But each of theses is better than to only sync XMP and ignore all other propietary sidecar files, like it is now.

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