How to autostart Mylio with a system restart in windows


I run Mylio (beneath other machines) on a Windows 10 system in my network. This machine is automatically shutdown and restarted at certain times to make sure that the system is not waisting to much energy. However, Mylio should automatically startup when the system comes back online.
To achieve this, I have simply tried to use a batch file that is executed when the system comes back.

But unfortunately, I cannot get Mylio to start. Even when running the script with admin rights, I receive the console entry “Access restricted”. The path I call is “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mylio_3.17.7370.0_x64__ef0w4cxfbbs38\Mylio.exe”.

Any idea on how to overcome this issue?

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Maybe the instructions in this thread will help: "launch mylio at login" no longer working


It’s a Windows AppX package thing. Run it through the protocol handler instead:


So from a batch file/command line:

start mylio:?start



I just realised that I dod not give a proper feedback.
Sorry for that - thank you for your support, it is running now as you suggested!

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