How to find pictures NOT in a folder?

I am cleaning up images and came across some duplicates. When I was in “folder view” everything looked good but when I go to the “all photos” view, I noticed I still have more duplicates to go through. Clicking between two of the same photos, I noticed something weird - apparently some of my pictures are not within a folder? I’m not sure I understand how this happened because they need to be somewhere! I right clicked and clicked and did “show in finder” and they are both within the same folder on my disk, but within Mylio one photo shows in a folder and the other does not.

Is there a search query I can put in to show all of these photos in one place so I can either delete them or put them in the correct folder?

Here are screenshots of the same photo, one showing the folder and the other being blank:

Maybe there is a database corruption issue - I’d use Help->Contact Mylio Support to get them to investigate this.

When you see them both in All Photos view - have you checked the sync panel? I’ve had stray .xmp files linger after deleting photos outside Mylio. They appear like another photo but everywhere in the sync panel, it’s yellow instead of green because the original doesn’t exist.
If you can confirm that’s what it is, you can simply delete it.

Eventually I ended up resolving this but it was a pain.
Mylio gave me a notification that a folder I deleted earlier was not actually deleted, and I believe this is why there were “left over files” that were stuck. Mylio also threw some confusing errors saying it found files on my disk that were not in Mylio (again the ones that failed to delete) and no matter how many times I tried to re-delete them, they wouldn’t go. Eventuality I shuffled them around between folders a few times, deleted again, and then they finally disappeared for good.

Update, its not gone. It seems like it’s gone/fixed until I make a change (like add a new folder) and then Mylio scans and realizes it needs to add back the empty folder. I’ve opened a case with support and they are looking into it. I’ll report back once this actually gets solved.

Mylio support figured it out!

It turns out that although the folder in question was empty on my internal hard drive, the version in my USB-connected vaults contained the same folder with 15 stray files inside it and that caused Mylio to freak out and re-create the empty folder. Once I deleted that messed up folder on both of my vaults, Mylio then stopped recreating the folder and all is well again. (thankfully my vault in Amazon was not impacted)

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@sdschramm Thanks for sharing the finding, appreciated!