How to group raw+jpg if imported at different date?

I sometimes have the case, that the raw and jpg files were not imported on the same date.
This results in separate entried for the raw and the jpg.

Is there a way to link/group both files together apart from delete and reimport?

It is not a usual case, but happens occasionally.

It seems like you should be able to use the creating display images feature for this where you’d name the JPG the same as the RAW file just with _display added to its filename. So going with your example, the JPG would be named _MG_4865_display.jpg

I’ve not tried this myself so I’m not sure what the best option is to do this with files already added to Mylio. You might want to read a bit on the other threads on the forum by doing a search for “display” for things to watch out for.
In general, I’d perhaps try the rename with “safe delete” turned off for your vaults and Mylio closed. That way Mylio should not keep the original JPG reference in its database or attempt to restore it from a vault.

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Current behavior is that these images will NOT be stacked if they were copy imported to Mylio at different times. If you were to copy import them at the same time they will be stacked. If you place the images into the source folders using the filesystem they should be stacked regardless of when the images get placed in the folder.

They were placed to watched folders but somehow were not stacked.

I tried to rename them after reading the response from @rain, but it was not enough.
I finally moved them to a folder outside Mylio, deleted the remaining xmp files from the catalog. After moving the files back to the original folder they were reimported and correctly stacked.