How to import files from NAS without Mylio making duplicate copies

After setting up Synology NAS (it contains my photo/video source folder) as a Mylio vault, I started to add files using the “Copy” option. Note: I wanted to use “Add without moving” option but it’s not available for NAS.

Source Folder: /home/photos/Michael
Vault Folder: /photo/Mylio/Mylio_xxxxxx_xxxxxxx/Mylio Pictures/Michael

Mylio copied everything from the Source Folder to the Vault Folder, I now have 2 copies of all photos/videos with same size on same NAS device, which doesn’t make sense as it wastes storage space.

Is there a better way to import files from NAS without creating duplicate files? Am I importing files incorrectly from NAS? Please note the duplicates are not thumbnail or preview files but exactly same files with same size as the source.


Since you used the Copy import option - Mylio now considers the files in the /Mylio folder to be the “master” copies. If you trust Mylio to “own” these files from now on - you could consider deleting your original versions, to save space.

Ideally, you’d want Mylio to have an “Add Without Moving” option to accomplish what you want. But unfortunately - for a variety of technical reasons - Mylio does not support this for network drives, only locally-attached internal or external drives.

Thanks for the info. I thought I was doing something wrong with my import on NAS.

Because there is no “Add without moving”, I will use my external drive as the source (instead of NAS), and will also setup another external drive as a secondary backup.

For now, I’ve not yet decided what to do with my NAS in regard to Mylio, since I’ve all the “original” files in my NAS, I think there’s no need to add it to Mylio, because Mylio will treat it as a vault and will copy another set of “original” files there, I will end up with duplicate copies on NAS.

As long as you have all of your originals imported into Mylio from somewhere I think that’s fine. Besides just backing up your photos to multiple devices - for me, one of the key benefits of Mylio is having my entire 300K image library always available on my phone for browsing & searching, even if it’s just Thumbnail resolution. So I’d encourage you to make sure all of your photos get into Mylio somehow.