How to keep overlapping events separate?

How do you keep pictures that belong to separate but overlapping events … separate?

Let’s say I am planning to travel abroad. As part of that planning I snap a few photos (e.g. pictures of my suitcases half-packed, pictures from a dinner I joined with my travelling companions etc.). Then, a few days before the I leave I join a completely unrelated birthday party where I take a few pictures. During the trip I take quite a lot of pictures.

How do you keep the trip-related pictures together and not interfering with the party pictures? One option would be to create an album, but is that how you would do it?

The picture of my suitcases I might have taken on the same day as the party, to add complexity.

Time (duration) is just the default way to include photos in an Event. Try using the Event Filter - that lets you also use People, Stars, Categories, etc to further define which photos to include/exclude from the event.

Click on the Event to edit it, choose the Info panel tab, scroll down and click the plus (+) sign for Event Filter:


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For example - you initially define your Event as all photos from Sept 1 thru Sept 10. Then use the Event Filter to include Category = “Travel”. Any photos during that time that are NOT in the “Travel” category will not be included in your Event.

Alternatively you could store the pictures of the different events in different folders. You can then mark the folder as the event. This is then independent from time or any other filter. Whatever picture is in each of the folders is part of that event.

Sorting the pictures in folders or into albums sounds to me to be very much the same, unless there is some technical aspect of folders that I miss?

But I like the event filter solution, there is a bit of elegance to this solution.

Some differences to consider between Albums and Folders

  • A photo can be in more than one album. A photo can be in only one Folder (unless you make a duplicate copy, which is another whole can of worms.)

  • Albums are a Mylio database-specific construct. Other apps won’t see them. Folders are understood by all photo apps.

  • Placing a photo in an Album only alters the database and/or metadata. Placing a photo in a Folder physically moves that original file (and moves all Vault copies of it), which always carries some (small) potential risk of file loss.

  • Mylio can create Events from Folders (or date ranges). Not so with Albums (as far as I know).