How to list of selected media's title, date, and place?

How to generate a text list of objects in an album or the results of a search? Then copy this to a text file?

As far as I know, it is possible to solve my problem with an SQL command in the Console.




Mylio console commands to place the results of a SQL query onto the clipboard would look like:

sql (your SQL Query)

I’m assuming you are familiar with SQL databases (otherwise don’t even try this). Here’s a sample SQL query you might use as a starting point.

sql SELECT strftime('%m-%d-%Y', datetime(DateCreated/1000, 'unixepoch')), LocationName, Caption from media INNER JOIN Place on Place.UniqueHash = Media.PlaceHash; where StarRating =3

Notes: I used Caption here rather than Title since I don’t use the Title field much. Also my “search result” is just StarRating = 3 in the WHERE clause. I don’t know how to query against existing UI search results, nor how to query for Album membership (that’d be a more complex multi-table join).

Thank you very much!

For me it would be sufficient to get (copy) the Titles or Filenames based on the current search result. How can I refer to the current search result?


Sorry, I don’t know if you can refer to the current UI search result as part of a SQL query. You’d probably have to replicate your search results as the WHERE clause of the SQL query.

Maybe someone from Mylio knows how?