How to share original high quality photo from an optimized vault?

My wife and I use auto-optimized vaults on our phones and computers and the original vaults are on external SSD and a NAS.

When it comes to exiting and sharing a photo, Mylio will only share the optimized version if done from an auto-optimized vault. I will not pull the original and share that.

Is there a way to pull the original high resolution file on demand when sharing/exporting that I am not aware of? Help files say to change the sync options of a folder to change it from auto optimized but that is not practical if we only want to edit/share one photo in a folder as we as severely limited on storage (256GB MacBook with 800 MB vault).

On the device from which you want to share, check Settings -> Sync :


I have that checked already. I though that was just to force syncing (still the auto-optimized version) on opening Mylio.

I did find the thread on downloading original prior to exporting and that should help.