How to start over with import

I am just starting with Mylio to organize 22K photos I have been managing in Picasa. Somehow I picked the wrong import options and wound up copying 40GB of pix from one part of my SSD to another. What is the easiest way to start over, delete the copies, and just create a database of photos in their existing locations? Thanks for any advice.

You can start over on all devices by following the instructions linked here: Troubleshooting: Resetting and Starting Mylio Over - Mylio Support

The photos you imported will not be deleted during the reset process. If you have an unwanted duplicate copy of your library on your SSD, you can delete them after following the reset instructions above.

If you want Mylio to reference your photos in their existing location, you can import using Source Folders. More information on Source Folders can be found in the following article: Import with Source Folders - Mylio

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Thank you very much for your help. I will back up my hard drive to be on the safe side and then follow the instructions. G

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