How/when thumbnail and original updated after external edit?

When using Open With… from Mylio. (after downloading the original) … If you then save the edit. Does/should Mylio not update the file and thumbnail across the devices again?
Or am i missing or doing something wrong?

Download original
Open with… Affinity Photo
Make edits.

Hi @LucLL

Yep. You’re right! Mylio should be generating a new thumbnail and resyncing it. However we have a small bug right now that stops that from happening. We’re working on it! Should be fixed soon :smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks @Mylio_Matt for right away telling this openly, much appreciated. saves tie for us users to look further.
Happy day!

Hey @LucLL - I hope you’re well.

This should be fixed in our newest update. Let me know if you’re still having any issues!


works like a charm. Thanks!

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