Hundreds of photos won't sync

My Mylio catalog has about 100,000 images in it; I synch to a Seagate Drive and to Microsoft Drive. All 101,201 synch to Seagate fine, but there are 979 images that won’t sync to Microsoft. The little arrows keep rotating. If I add images to the Mylio catalog, the new images synch no problem. The 979 images persist. I have left it running overnight, thinking it is a bandwidth issue, but it still does not sync.

HI @Gary
is it the originals that wont sync or the thumbnails/previews that are still missing?
Have you verified if the originals are actually at the target location?

You can see which (original/preview/thumb) is not synchronized in the Sync panel.

I have been having issues where the originals are synchronized but eg the previews are not generated. Sometimes if I then eg turn the image left/right it is resolved.

@LucLL, how do I check that?

Click on All Photos on top menu (to make sure you’re not just looking at a subset).
Open Sync Panel.
Hover your mouse over the device in question (eg, Microsoft OneDrive).
You’ll see a pop-up showing how many photos are synced (out of XXX total) for each of Thumbs, Previews, and Originals.

If you find that it’s just Thumbs & Previews that are not syncing - it’s possible they are unsupported photo formats. Which means Mylio is unable to create Thumbs/Previews for them in the first place.

I’m currently having that problem with .CR3 files from my Canon R5 (hint, hint Mylio - please support these soon!)

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You are right; those are previews that aren’t syncing. I suppose I have to wait until Mylio updates to accommodate them?

@Gary You could wait but in my case that did not help.

  1. I would suggest to raise this to so they are aware. I’m hoping if they have more reports of this they can identify better where is the issue maybe.

  2. I’ll try to walk you through some steps to try to generate those missing previews. I’m not support or related to Mylio but will share what helped me. In case of questions or not clear how to do the steps, feel free to ask before performing the steps. Do NOT delete pictures yourself from any of the steps below as this would really delete your pictures (when i mention in the steps below that pictures “disappear” i mean they get by Mylio removed from the list, NOT deleted)

To identify the missing images you can do the following:

A1) Open Mylio devices by clicking at the top right on the little computer. ON the dashboard view right-click on the device which is missing the previews and select “Show media waiting to sync”
This will open a new view with all the Pictures, Videos and Documents that are still waiting to be synchronized for that specific device. In case this shows an empty screen and it looks there is nothing missing you can try step A2. Is case you see the missing pictures, skip A2 and continue with A3.

A2) In case step A1 does not show you the pictures with the missing previews we will need to use the Mylio Console to view the missing previews.
To open the Console, open the View Menu (3 dots in top right corner), then select Help, then Console.
Type the command “Devices” (without the quotes) and press enter
This will list all your Mylio devices with a number for each device, this is the device ID.
Note down the number of the device that is missing the previews. (i’m going to assume here its 12345 just as example)
Click on the Search icon at the top of the screen (magnifier glass at the top left)
Type the following in the search box “wanted:12345” (without the quotes and instead of 12345 the number you have listed next to your device, as the device ID.)
This will now show all pictures that still need to be synchronized or that have missing previews.
You can close the console box by clicking the little X at the top of the console area.

A3) When the missing pictures are visible in the new view (search result window)
On the right most thumbnail there is a link “Show all”, click on that and you now will see all the pictures missing for that device.

Click on one of them so you get the preview of that one picture (and probably the film strip below the preview) and you can slowly scroll over the pictures one by one. This sometimes kicks in the preview generation and you may notice that suddenly pictures disappear from the list. As they have now their previews generated on the device and therefore they disappear from the list because they are no longer missing. (do NOT delete the pictures yourself as this would be a real delete)
You may have to wait a moment (5min or so) to see this having effect. Once the previews “disappear” (because they now exist) let the screen alone and you will see that more and more will disappear as they get generated. (so eg scroll over 4 or 5 pictures and then wai)
You can try to repeat this a few times trying to kick in the preview generation.
I have no clue why this sometimes works and sometimes not to generate the missing previews.

What also sometimes helps to generate the previews is to rotate the picture(s) eg left and then right again. This also kicks the preview generation sometimes. Try it with one or a few and if it works select more at once.

Once pictures start to disappear from the list it means they have now previews generated therefore they are not listed here anymore as “missing”. You can return back to the standard view by closing the search box preview (press ESC) and closing the search window (top left)

Hope this helps, if not there are a few more commands to try. but lets see if this works for you as it did for me.

Hi, LucLL -
Thanks for the tips; still no joy there. I did click on the synch box, like you suggested, and I can see the pictures. They are not, however, synching. I have rotated them, etc,. and they disappear from the filmstrip, but they still don’t synch. : (

Hi @Gary, if they disappear form the filmstrip, then the previews should have synced. can you check the totals of missing previews again on the sync panel to see if the total previews to be synchronized has dropped?

Although i would suggest to raise a ticket with Mylio support, there is one more command - which I also received form Support - you could try to regenerate the missing previews.

There is a console command for force Preview regeneration. It is:

reparseimages selected apply

From the previous post you know how to get to the missing previews and the console. select a few of the pictures that have missing previews and enter the command in the console.
Hope that works.

I also once used a trick to rename the files which also helped, dont know why that helped but it did in a few cases.

Thats about all the tricks i have and use the generate missing previews.
Hope they help.

Hello, LucLL -
Thanks for your tips. I have not been able to address this until now. The images seem to be previews from RAW images from various cameras. It is only the previews that are not synching to Microsoft Drive. I have put in a support request to Mylio.

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your help!


HI, @LucLL - I tried the console command again … and it worked!


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Hi @Gary , thanks for letting me know, appreciated.
In another topic Deon from Mylio also came back with another suggestions, the steal and restamp commands. like steal all or steal selected or restamp all or restamp selected. I have not tried or used those ones myself but the restamp selected sounds promising.