I can't believe it is necesary to sync a photo to a device other than a hard drive to download an original file

I don’t find any logic beside try to mimic something like Google Photos. For photographers, the idea should be to free space on any device by storing the files on external hard drives, not having to place again on the device to export them.

I am regretting so much letting Mylio import my archive. Now I simply don’t know how to get back my original files.

At least give me a solution for selecting a bunch of original files to sync and download without clogging my PC.

I believe that if you set your desktop to thumbnails only, it does not keep a copy of your pictures on the main computer. Then you would mark your external hard drive as a Vault, which would contain full originals.

Have you browsed the filesystem on your computer to verify that your origonals are not just sitting there inside the mylio directory? Sometimes they show up as “import_datestamp_randomcharacters” folders inside your main mylio location you chose on installation for your photos.

Have you watched any of the youtube videos that MyLio produces to become more familiar with the product?