I synced to 4 devices instead of iCloud. Yikes!

I’m just getting started. I should have sync to iCloud instead of four separate devices! I’ve really made a mess of things with 4 copies of each pic now appearing in Mylio. What’s worse is the it took me a while to notice that I was keeping thumbnails while permanently deleting originals! (I think I have archives for the items I’m most concerned about.

Is it easier to start over & is it even possible? Or should I go through 45,000 pics deleting dups? If I use a duplicate removal program, is there a way for it to scan Mylio or am I supposed to load my Apple photo library, a file inside of Mylio, and do I need to somehow unarchive my his res images from zip files and consolidate them with my photo library before proceeding?

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble with importing multiple copies of your iCloud library. The easiest way to get re-organized is to start over on all devices (instructions on that linked here). If your devices share an iCloud library, you will want to ask Mylio to import your Apple Photos library on only one device. Any photos taken on your other devices will sync (via iCloud) and be then be imported to Mylio.

It is typically best to set up the Apple Photos import on a device with plenty of storage (such as a computer) because Mylio can only import your photos if iCloud is set up to “Download and Keep Originals”.