Icon badge in iOS showing ... what?

I feel a bit silly asking this, but I’ve changed my setup a bit and now imports from the camera roll to Mylio on my iPhone. I now have a badge on the Mylio icon stating “12”, and I cannot figure out what it denotes. The photos has all been synced to my Mac, everywhere I check in Mylio it states everything is green and synced. I’m a bit confused and could not find any help searching the documentation and forums…

Open the Dashboard and select your phone, chances are there are unprotected images (still needing to be synced to your Vault) or unsupported ones causing the iOS app badge to appear.

That was one of the first places I checked, there is a green checkmark on the mobile both in the iPhones’s app dashboard and the Mac’s application dashboard. I took a photo today and I saw how the status changed to an upwards pointing arrow marking sync in progress and then go back to the checkmark. All of the last 28 photos in my iPhone are available on my Mac and I can zoom in a lot without problem on all of them (on my Mac) so I think the originals have been synced. I made the change of configuration in the middle of those 28 photos, i.e. I checked about 14 photos before I made the config change and all 14-ish photos I’ve taken after. I don’t think it is a format error as I am not missing any photos on either side and all photos has been taken with the iPhone’s camera.

Everywhere I check everything looks OK, except for the icon badge. I’ve searched for lost originals on both the Mac and the mobile without results and neither Dashboard > Devices nor Dasboard > Library shows any faults.

I even undeleted a photo in the camera roll, to see if it is was a confused import that was the culprit, and let Mylio import it on the mobile and then sync to Mylio on my Mac. The icon badge still states “12”, and also after I deleted the photo again from all places.

For reference: I took some more photos today, 75 to be specific, with my iPhone, opened Mylio on the iPhone and it imported all images from the camera roll. I opened Mylio on my Mac and it synced. I’ve deleted quite a few photos in Mylio, the photos are still available in the camera roll. All checkmarks are green everywhere and the icon badge states 76.

And now it is down to “1”, I took a picture yesterday evening which wasn’t synced until today. It seems like the badge shows number of unsynced photos, the problem is that it don’t get updated until I … taken more photos? Bug or feature?

Yes, this is by design. As I mentioned earlier, these are unprotected images. If you go one level deeper in the Dashboard by selecting your phone to open its Device Settings the number should match the badge icon.

To reduce the number you just need to sync the phone with a Vault.

Thanks, when trying to do some screenshots to show you my issue, Mylio finally showed the “Unprotected Files” in the dashboard (Dashboard > Devices > {my iPhone}), but the number showing is not the same as the icon badge. Even though it shows the number of screenshots I took, when I press the “Unprotected Files” line I first got a list of the screenshots, when I a little later went back to the dialog it shows “Unprotected Files 3 >” in the dashboard, but when I go into the list again (which is asearch “unprotected:true”) I am told none match the query. When I then go back to the status of my iPhone (Dashboard > Devices > {my iPhone}), I am told “3” files are unprotected. I then pressed the Home button on the iPhone and found a “1” on the icon badge.

Now, after writing this, Mylio’s dashboard gives no hint there is any unprotected files and the icon badge shows “1”.

During this entire exercise I had my Mac “open” and Mylio running, as soon as I took a screen shot on my iPhone, it immediately synced with my Mac. My Mac is marked as a vault (as I use Apple’s Time Machine for that one, and do some manual backups from time to time to another external hard drive).

This is how the status dialog looks now:

and the icon badge:

I’ve done some more experiments and the only conclusion I can draw is that the badge number is very slow to update. I’ve taken more photos and the badge now say “7”, which is kind of close to the number of photos I’ve taken since last sync. Problem is that I’ve synced since then and there are green checkmarks as above and I’ve tried both lostoriginals:true and unprotected:true with no matches. The badge now stubbornly states “7”. Is it so that it is set when unprotected photos are available but never reset?

@Govvamuorra We have concluded that Badges are an inactive feature at this time. We would advise you to turn off these badge notifications by opening the Mylio application on your mobile device > General > Icon Badges (toggle off).

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