Image categories get applied by mistake

Let’s say I have two images with category A already set, and I want to add category B to a larger selection of images that includes these two. The category picker shows all the categories used anywhere in the selection as ticked, and after adding category B and confirming the change, all the images in the selection now get category A as well. I think the other images shouldn’t receive category A as well. I think I saw someone else mention this already in the Community, but I can’t find that post, saying the category picker should be tri-state; that would be the right solution, I believe.


Thanks for the report. The other report of this was inside here:

Reported by @rain.

@Mylio_Deon: As I’ve started using categories much more in my workflow, I’m actually running into a road block with this. I have a big selection of photos that already have different categories assigned to them and would like to add another category to all, but this isn’t possible as I either lose all other categories assigned to different photos or have ALL categories assigned to all photos.

I’m really hoping an extension of the bulk category feature isn’t too far out. For now it seems I have to try to somehow make this work with albums.


Looks like the latest update 3.9(6938) has made the category selector tri-state, so this is fixed - I’m very pleased about that!