Import all Photo's into dated folders

With the capabilities of Mylio it should be useful to organize all photo’s and video as it is done in the calendar view, in date folders! This makes it much easier to detect exact duplicates during import from different devices (besided capabilities of same picture, different meta data OR resolution).

Of course it makes it harder to view where it is sourced from, but if the APP will add a TAG to the photo with the device name, it becomes the same as copying them into separate folders. Of course, do not having duplicates differ per person. So may be an option which can set to allow duplicate creates from some devices.

Link: Auto-Folder Organizing - Mylio

You can do this, already - IMPORT - copy (choose source) - the next window allows for customizations (skip dupes, delete after import…) at the bottom of this window you can elect to rename the files as well as make decisions regarding FOLDER organization… There are codes that can be used to designate things such as date captured for the name of folders… {Y}/{m}-{B}-{Y}/{Y}{m}{D} will put the files in to folders which go 2021/01-January-2021/20210101… 20210102… etc - if you scroll down, you’ll get a break down of what the codes are and what they’ll result in… hope that helps (and hope that makes sense) - good luck! T

Should be useful to have this for all photos in one place and not per folder. As there are at least to types. The once imported and the one synchronized from different devices.

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But how could I add them to an existing structure?

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You should be able to select folder(s) and then “Organize folder” (it will organinze any folders selected and those within them… you can then select the naming sequence for folders as described above… hope that helps!

I could find the option to organize the photo’s within a folder. But, what I’m looking for is to create this organization at the top level and not using all these subfolders. Thus, I prefer to have the year folders just in the Mylio Pictures folder. Please advice

When I import, I have not the option for renaming or to import in the existing folder

Perhaps Mylio’s Calendar View would accomplish what you want? Eg, show ALL of your pictures organized by Date - regardless of which device they’re from, whether imported/synced, etc?

Hi @Remco if I understand correctly this is how the custom codes work… the “/” in the code designates sub folders - if you want to eliminate the sub folders you can either select images and “move to folder” OR select the folders you want re-organized… “organize folder” and then name accordingly with/without sub-folders… hope that helps. If you right click on the folder you should get a menu, go to “More folder options” and then choose “Organize Folders” - it then provides choices to have just a folder with the Year/Month (which would create a 2021 top folder with January, February, etc sub folders), Year, or Day… or Custom… it’s entirely up to you how you organize (or re-organize) the folder hierarchy. Good luck, hope this helps.

I use the following custom setting to import photos: {Y}/{Y}-{m}-{D}

This puts the files in a folder structure like this:


‘Pictures’ is the top of the structure, with a folder for every year below that. I repeat the year in the bottom level folder because it’s easier to read that way, you don’t have to reference a parent folder.

If I’m using Finder, it might get unwieldy if I ever had a year where I took pictures on many days (up to 365 or, in a leap year, 366). If that became a problem (it isn’t for me) I would create a folder structure that has the months underneath the years.

If the folders already exist it doesn’t create new folders, it uses the existing folders. And I can use the same setting in the ‘Organize Folders’ menu item for tidying-up purposes.

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I understand the organize feature now. But what I want, I one single structure below " Mylio Pictures" . The system has created the " dated" structure, within folders it as imported. So, HOW could I move everything into one single structure?

I’m still not understanding what you’re asking for. Perhaps you could type or draw a diagram of your desired folder structure?

Are you saying that you DON’T want Mylio to have seperate per-device folders, one for each phone? Instead do you want all photos from all phones mixed together in one big folder, which has per-date subfolders?

(If so, then to me that sounds exactly like Mylio’s Calender view.)

that is what I want. A file structure LIKE the calendar view. But on disk it creates a mess when importing all different photo source. The additional is, Mylio won’t detect duplicates which are already in the library if they are imported in separate folders. The it is a huge taks to remove all these duplicates.

I really do not understand all these additional subfolders. Tagging is much more power full. And the dated folders make sure all is organized

I understand why you might want that particular file organization. However, other people might be just as insistent that photo folders be organized first by device, rather than date - as Mylio currently does it.

After all:

What you say applies equally to dates, as well as to device names. All the photos are already have a datetime tag, so why bother to physically move their folder around? Tagging is powerful.

There are also likely technical design reasons why Mylio separates photos from different devices into different folders. Perhaps performance, reliability, ease of detecting & syncing changes, different sync policies for different devices, etc. I’m just speculating but in any case that’s how Mylio is currently designed.

The reason I ask is as I see many duplicates which are not detected by Mylio. By having this file organization makes it much easier to remove.

For your info, a dullicate photo is not and exact same file, but could be the same photo with less resolution!

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May be usefull to add an addition; I can imagine the folders per device where photos are added while they are imported on such a device, like a mobile phone. But, on the main system I want my old photo’s imported into ONE structure. Currently a folder is created for each source I added and Mylio does not detect photo’s are already somewhere else. So I still have a mess due to all duplicates

I really need help;

When I import photos to my library, the library alreay has a strucure of YEAR/MONTH under Mylio Pictures. As named in this threat I want additional import of severla photo sources added to this same structure. But all additional import are added in a separate folder under Mylio Pictures. In that folder the photos are sorted in the dated folders, but I want them together. Especially as Mylio will detect the duplicated, while it prevent currently

I want all the photos which I import manually in a dated folder directly under Mylio Pictures, like


And not



Is that possible

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