Import-Copy-Exclude Dups-Delete (Are suspected duplicates deleted?)

So I’m not sure how good Mylio is at detecting duplicates… But if choose to exclude suspected duplicates and delete files after import… Are the suspected duplicates deleted or are they left in the original folder? Thanks!

The answer appears to be, everything in the original folder, duplicate or not will be deleted.

No. It is not deleting your original photos. It only analyzes the imported images, while importing, and if it’s a duplicate it won’t bring it in but it will leave it wherever it resides. This is a positive feature for those people who do not delete or reformat their SD cards after importing. I know many photographers who just leave all their pictures on their cards which would be a nightmare if Mylio would re-import those photos. But it does not. It sees the pictures that were already imported and does not re-import ones it already has. It does nothing as far as deleting those images. There may be a setting to delete photos from your card after import but if so that is a dangerous feature that I never use So I’m not familiar with it.

Thanks for the input. I will take another look at it. I did create a folder with 3 renamed copies of the same photo. When I imported a copy of that folder It appeared to import one copy of the photo and delete the other 2. Perhaps I’m mistaken though. -Brett