Import from lightroom

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to attach the same tags & ratings to the files imported into Mylio that the same files have in Lightroom?
I have a Lightroom catalog, but all I’ve done is to rate (some) pics & attach tags to pics. I’d like to bring those across if I can figure out a way.

With more thought, perhaps I can write the tags & ratings to each photos metadata & then the data would at least be captured. I could do it with a python script to read the lightroom sqlite db & then write the data to the photo itself.

Then the question is, how to pull from the metadata into the mylio catalog. Doing it by hand is a non-starter. I could perhaps write a tool to do the UI clicks, which would be tricky. If there were any automater hooks, that could work. Any ideas?

Thanks, Beth

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Hi Beth,

If the tag and rating data is on the file’s metadata, Mylio will automatically bring it in. There’s a command on lightroom to save the metadata to the file also, so you could select all your photos and use that command instead of having to write a script.

Great, that is super helpful.

Thanks, Beth

Be aware that if you’re dealing with RAW files rather than JPEGS, you might need to use sidecars instead of embedded Metadata. Mylio can still read the data as long as the sidecars are in the same directory as the media files. Just point to the directory during import.